Moist, dense yellow cake

A friend of mine just ordered a cake from Momofuku for his wife’s bay. He had it shipped from NY to his apartment in LA. Something about this really annoyed me…like he’s a traitor to LA :wink:

I told him I’m sure there’s plenty of delicious cake in LA bakeries. He asked where…but since I like to bake at home, I don’t really purchase cakes very often (aside from the red velvet at SusieCakes on my bday every year). He says he likes moist, dense yellow cakes. Where in LA should I tell him to get his cake next time? He lives in DTLA, so not too far from there.


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Susie Cakes

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Sweet Lady Jane

Valerie Confections or Lido Bakery

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Sweet Red Peach in Inglewood makes delicious southern style cakes made from scratch that you can special order or buy by the slice. My husband and I happened upon this place and got classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting that was so good he’s been dreaming of going back for more.

They have a website:

Here’s the list of cake flavors from the site:
Carrot-A combination of freshly grated carrots and spices make this cake a “down home” favorite.
Chocolate-Pure chocolate decadence.
German Chocolate-This cake is a true masterpiece. Moist, light chocolate cake layers keep you craving more.
Lemon Pound -When sweet and tangy meet…. This is the result. A light and refreshing delight.
Red Velvet -THIS IS IT! “Our Specialty. A moist, velvety ruby red cake which intrigues the taste buds and has you begging for more. . We guarantee that you will NOT find one better.
7-Up -The name says it all. A buttery lemon flavored pound cake made with REAL 7-UP soda. This cake will have you wanting more.
White- Moist and delicate with a “hint” of almond flavor
Yellow- “A Classic”. Light and moist, this cake is perfect for all occasions.k

310.671.CAKE (2253)
1035 S. Prairie Ave. #2 Inglewood, CA.

Wednesday - Saturday 11-7
Sunday - 12-5



I’m usually not one of those “why not make it yourself and save” people, but if he’s craving something simple to make like yellow cake, I recommend the King Arthur yellow cake recipe below. It’s maybe the best yellow cake recipe I’ve come across. And it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and faster than shipping a Momofuku cake across the country.

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Oh I’m the first to agree with you. I love to bake, so I offered to make one for him. This is more an effort in proving that you needn’t go outside LA to find great cake.

I don’t doubt your proclivity with an oven, nor your abilities in working magic with butter, milk, flour, sugar, eggs, etc., but if he is looking for that je ne sais quoi that is the Momofuku’s milk bar cake, then I think you’re just setting yourself (and him) up for disappointment.

Isn’t that achieved with even more butter?

Actually, no.

When I was at an event that Christina Tsoi was speaking at, she mentioned that she uses a mixture of exclusively commercial vanilla extract (if i recall it was McComrick and some other common brand) for the cake because it most closely repliciated what people remembered from their childhood.

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Of all the Momofuku core team, the one I want to interview most is Sue Chan - The brains in the operation.

One dey serve in Pan’s is good.

The birthday cake at Trois Familia is a pretty good approximation of the uber specialness of Milkbar’s yellow cake.

Milkbar’s birthday cake for my kid’s birthday was a big hit. Thing is huge. I have to say it’s too sweet though, and i’m a sweets monster.


I think everything Tossi makes falls into this category. The kids love it, but I just can’t deal with it.