Monte Alban - Al Fesco: A West LA treasure

Monte Alban is open with several tables in the mini-mall lot.
So good - great Oaxacan food, AND a full bar!
Went tonight - Tlayuda con cecina was fantastic.


OOo! When the weather gets a little cooler… their Enfrijoladas are one of my favorite things… In fact… I just made some Black Beans and now know what to do with the other half.



Bang bang bang opportunity here! Kato, then Monte Alban, then Kato again. #TheKeatoDiet


You might have to go to Monte Alban again after that.


Just a bit off topic… Has one tried the pupusa place in the same strip mall?

You mean the place with the tortas? The tortas are only okay. I’ve been going there for years because they are quick & convenient -had no idea they had pupusas until i saw them making some last week. Have not tried them though.

We were LOVING their black bean refried beans last night.

We live nearby but my wife doesn’t like it so I have it like once a year rather than once a week like I would prefer :frowning:

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Oh, I don’t know if they have tortas? I think they have a big “Pupusas” sign, but maybe it also says “Tortas”… Also wonder if the sushi place in the strip mall is any good…

To get back on-topic, my favorite thing at Monte Alban are the tacos enchilados (cheese only) and then mixing the leftover mole sauce w/ the rice. :slight_smile: Also really like the horchata there.

Your comment makes me wonder if they are changing there focus. I’ll try and investigate.

Their name is Tlaco Tacos Y Pupusas. I still haven’t been there despite moving to the westside a few years ago.

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I have really enjoyed the mole Verde at Monte Alban