Moorpark - Thousand Oaks area eateries?

Very very pleased to have gone back. The lady of the house is the sweetest.

That sweet potato dumpling with the mild curry filling is outstanding!

Nice meaty shiu mai and good scallion pancakes

And really dug their XLB. I think they’re actually making them there!

It’s right next to Carnitas el Rey too for a crazy bang bang


I’ve only heard positive reports about Nonna. Will try next time I’m in the area.


Rabalais bistro in Santa Paula has been our favorite. They do Louisiana classics well there. Cozy old Americana kind of a downtown, French style cafe seating. Begnets, shrimp and grits, sazerac. Kid loves the French toast

This time I got the pork chop though from the only good butcher around called Laird’s

I don’t know why it was standing so I laid it down


Mexican is the one food that thrives in this whole region and we tried Jalisco again on Tierra Rejada by Von’s and really impressed with their aquachiles, verde and rellenos

shockingly spicy… so glad it wasn’t dumbed down for the people the herseys chocolate syrup and whipped cream on flan was obviously for


Pro tip: 15 mins from Camarillo Outlets. There’s a Le Creuset store there.

Marked. Will definitely make for a nice bang^2


A lot of the menu items have been discontinued including the scallion pancake. Just a warning. The core dim sum items are still there though. Shu mai doesn’t have shrimp and comes off fairly dry/gritty but we like it fine enough. Really its’ the sweet potato dumplings that keep us coming back. Also their fried rice has incredible wok haaaaaaay

There’s also Eloong Dumplings by the 101 which is easier for the Camarillo route


Just had some solid Vietnamese at Bamboo Cafe in Simi Valley. Good Pho broth. The Vietnamese coffee comes in one of those little drip brewers. Haven’t seen those in a while.

Seems like a popular spot.

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Thank you

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Though Thai anywhere here so far has been completely insufficient for folks who lived by Thai Thown for ages but Rachada has been almost passable. Just have to insist on spice levels.

Krapow is kinda hard to mess up. this was pretty good

silver noodle and shrimp was reminiscent of what we love at Pailin but it’s not close enough… got to amp it up

noodle soup is satisfying though soup is fairly one note… and too sweet… everything is too sweet.


I’m crushed. Yue Yan has shut down

3rd time eating at bamboo yesterday and it’s going to be a no for me dawg… it’s just so damn lazy… all the food was brought out in 3 minutes yesterday including some chicken clearly batch cooked earlier… pho i also found decent there last time but herbs options are non existant… mint and that’s it? wilted herbs and bean sprouts.

bun bo hue was insulting yesterday… wasn’t even red… no depth of flavor just blatant fish sauce… meat was nice and tender though to be fair. shit eggrolls…

sadly it’s the one place we’ve found with a patio (dog problems)… it’s right by Pho So 1 so we’ll have to just dump the pooch somewhere soon and try the simi location

So sorry about that. We hit the good spots in GG and Westminster pretty regularly and thought Simi Bamboo’s broth & accoutrements were, while not in their league, a reasonable version for the location. My bad.

oh no it’s fine and i appreciate it… the 3 visits were also different… we came for a very early dinner so they probably had a lot of left over stuff laying around from lunch they threw at us.

If you’re jonesing the Mama Lu frozen dumplings have been very reliable. They keep nicely especially when double freezer bagged.

Be sure to go to the 501 W. Garvey Mama Lu. Not exactly your neighborhood but maybe on a special day.

Our standard order is X1 X2 W4. Bring cash and a cooler.


I’m closer to santa barbara than SGV :slight_smile: would sooner make dumplings… i appreciate ya though! i used to get those dumplings though… also at the beijing pie house

we’ve got eLoong nearby for dumplings as well. and there’s some vietnamese place being built right here in moorpark now, hope it’s average

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Rabalais is so great especially after the farmers market with wine garden (Clos des Amis is wonderful. The only vintner in the county who grows his grape here) on Friday evening

My gumbo was whatever so I took a pic of her poke chop


Jalisco’s rellenos are otherworldly. We always get 2


Is that the place in that shopping center with a Vons? Off of (I think) Tierra Rejada)?

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Yes, that’s right. That’s the one. The restaurant next to the taqueria

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