More activity

Sad to see the other boards are so much more active than the board for all of Canada - we’ll split it when we have enough activity - but can you all encourage others to post here? I’m completely done with CH, for good.

We’re all trying.

As I’m not familiar with the Canadian Chowhounds, perhaps the best you can do is to reach out to those who are frequent posters and alert them of this site?

There are 50+ Toronto Chowhounds in the Chow-Toronto FB group (I’d think at least 10 people in the FB group are from outside the Greater Toronto area), and they are aware of this site . Hopefully more will post here, so it doesn’t become a JustPete, Vinnie and prima show, as entertaining as that might be. :slight_smile:

Hi prima,

Oh wow. It’s cool that the former Toronto Chowhounders have a FB group. So can you reach out to that group to come over? (besides the 10 that know about it now?) :wink:

Most of the 63+ members of Chow Toronto are aware of this group. If they want to post here, they will. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t directed at you, Ipse, but rather, the other posters and lurkers from the Toronto Board.

I have no interest in the Facebook site, primarily for reasons around Privacy and Security. To each their own, however.

Hey guys! :grinning: I found you! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue: Not the most prolific of posters…but hey how’s it going?


Hi normanwolf,

Welcome! :smile: Glad you found us.