More Chinese Food On The Westside--Irvine's Popcorn Chicken Opens Up on Sawtelle

It would have been nice if it were something more formal, but I’ll take anything I can get when it comes to authentic Chinese on the Westside. And I’m not complaining that the selection here is much, much shorter than what they have at the Irvine location. Basically popcorn chicken, fried tofu, sausage and other snacks, plus noodle and rice plates. Popcorn Chicken seems to be making a play for UC students, since their third location is in Riverside. The LA location is at 2224 Sawtelle Bl., in the facility anchored by Marshall’s between Olympic and Pico.

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Does this place also serve boba? I think some boba place opened many mos ago in that Marshall’s complex, and I think that the menu sounds similar to what you’ve described.

Have you tried their food b/f at the other location? Is it any good?

Yes, Popcorn Chicken serves drinks. I think there may have been a Quickly or something nearby. I like the Irvine location. It has a fantastic array of fried stuff.

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I posted about this place a couple of weeks back. My spicy chicken could have been spicier but was still plump, juicy, and freshly fried. I’ll definitely be back for more.


Here now. It’s still the soft open. They say they plan to expand the menu after the 1st of november.

String beans (duh :slight_smile: )

Popcorn Chicken (medium heat)

House Chow Mein with shrimp, chicken and beef

3 flavor chicken combo


What’s your take? Can never have enough fried chicken options if they’re done right…

I liked it. The chicken was different than anything I’ve ever had. Dark meat nuggets, basil. The medium heat was light for me, I’d go hot next time.

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t go here if I had a hankering for fried chicken. But if I had a desire for Taiwanese food, I would eat here again and ALWAYS get the chicken as an app.

My group felt we’d definitely add this place to our lunch rotation.


Thought this place was decent! Got the pork chop and the popcorn chicken entrees - as mentioned from above, it’s dark meat popcorn chicken fried with basil leaves. NOT your typical american fried chicken.

I liked how my rice had a little bit of braised pork belly - reminded me of home. Lollicup a few doors down serve popcorn chicken as well (and propbably bigger serving) but I’ve noticed it’s been getting soggier and soggier. However, I do like how Lollicup gives you a dipping sauce…


Hit Popcorn Chicken for some more spicy chicken. Also tried the cabbage with bacon, which was the perfect accompaniment. Nommers!


Funny, I forgot the cabbage was supposed to have bacon in it and as you can see from my photos above it is missing from our dish.

Did you order it separately or did it come with the combo? I got mine ala carte, which may explain the difference.

ordered it with the combo after server said it was cabbage with bacon.

Did you order it kosher?


Maybe my nose and hairline gave me away and they just assumed??

Outrage! I would demand double bacon next time.

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Got the combo there the other day. Asked if the cabbage side came with bacon and was quickly told “no.” But I would still try the dish ala carte if you get the chance. The bacon really adds nice flavor and texture to the dish.

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