Morihiro - Atwater Village

Thanks for the tip @NYCtoLA


The Master Returns.

Damn this is insane in a good way! Another Temple. LA’s sushi scene keeps getting better and better

woah, in Atwater??? Doesn’t seem high rent enough for him.

Less commute. He lives near there, I believe.


I actually feel like the Atwater / Echo Park / Silver Lake / Los Feliz area is ripe for a high-end sushi play. Lot of moneyed residents who are presumably well-traveled and adventurous eaters.


3133 Glendale blvd.

Looking forward to the mori, dune, wanderlust bangx3. Thanks @NYCtoLA.


In the meantime can we also expect epic chirashi’s and futomaki’s to go?

Drinks on me at The Roost, Tee Gee, and Bigfoot Lodge post triple bang bang bar hop!


Opening soon? maybe after thxgiving?

Wondering if the authorities will permit any dining on premises at all after Thanksgiving, given the last few days…

Opened today for takeout.


perfect mosquito-free day to have a carmakase in griffith park, except the bee sitch was out of control. got swarmed at three different tables before retreating to the car. who knew bees like tekka maki so much. :honeybee: #beeseeker1999

must have just missed you again @J_L

sushi omakase ten

tekka, hamachi, anakyu

seasonal bento


how was it?

And is just the bento enough food? Would you recommend getting a bento + sushi?

I imagine truffle-hunting canines must have the same issue as you two.

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i wasn’t too clear in my post but the “sushi omakase ten” includes all the sushi in the first picture, the appetizer box pictured after the nigiri, and miso soup and rice (not pictured). the box of hosomaki was a separate order. and the last picture is the bento which also includes miso soup and rice.

as you can see there was a lot of overlap between the sushi omakase’s appetizer box and the “seasonal bento”, so i wouldn’t recommend getting both.

the shari for the nigiri was on the mild side, the kohada was exceptional and the highlight, the hosomaki seemed a bit rushed and uneven (which is surprising since mori-san seems to take pride in cutting his tekka maki just right), the highlights in the appetizer box/seasonal bento were the tofu and dessert. the cooked fish in the bento was too dry.


eater is glad you take great food pics ( :warning: circular reference)



Got it—I didn’t want to miss out on some of the bento bites so good to see that overlap. Thanks!