Morimoto - What’s the deal

Noticed that Morimoto appears to be opening next to Dan Tanas. Anyone have any info?

A friend who went to Sa’Moto summarizes it as more Tao than Raku. #IronyChef


Makes sense since it is inside the Doheny Room, a celebrity club hotspot. I did walk past it the other day on my way to the Troubadour.

Their latest IG post should give you a good example of what they want the vibe to be.


I guess they can have whatever dress code they want, but…


IMO just seems like another sponsorship Morimoto signed that his business partner forced on him lol.

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Welp, just 2 more reasons for me to continue to avoid that area…

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speak for yourself LOL

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Great. Friends invited us there this Friday. I’ll try to keep an open mind? Or maybe I’ll stick to cocktails.

Take photos, especially if you see Megan and Kourtney there, feeding cherries to one another.


I’ll be there in my white undies as well. Whisper “Sergio” for the FTC code word and I’ll know it’s you.


Let’s hope it’s better than their Maui location, woof.

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The Maui location has (or at the very least had) some of the most incredible potstickers i’ve ever eaten. Served fried together (you have to cut the outlines with your chopsticks) with copious bacon foam and a rich tomato sauce.