Moros Cuban La Habra

Moros has now moved to the spot formerly occupied by Mrs. Bea’s on Harbor at Imperial.

Thought I saw a yellow sign on the window which could indicate that they now may serve beer and wine like Mrs. Beas did. If they are no longer BYOB I could end my semi boycott.

Too bad it was at the expense of another place we liked.


Is the new spot open yet?

@js76wisco The website recognizes the new address and has operating hours. This location is closer to us, so I’ll be going more often. I’m a bit sad that Mrs. Bea’s is gone…it was a decent and eclectic option for the neighborhood.

The “coming soon” sign is down so I think they are open. Agree about Mrs. Beas, there was nothing else like it in the immediate area and they were always very friendly and welcoming.

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I assume you still have to call in for paella?