Morton's for bday dinner what to get?

Filet is my favorite. What sides?

Key lime pie.

Don’t get the tomato.

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Ok. Thank you.

Think outside the box and get Morton’s kickbutt burger. It’s delicious.


Went tonight, was not impressed. Beverly Hills. staff was great, food was so-so. The prime filet from Costco is better. Have pics, don’t know if they came out. So grateful that I got to go and enjoy myself with a good friend, I just hope she liked it.

Agree the burger is great, but I don’t believe it’s offered during dinner.

FWIW, I’m “forced” to go to Morton’s fairly often and I’ve discovered that I enjoy their seafood much more than their steaks. Their crab cakes in particular are quite good.


Agree. I’m not a big filet fan to begin with, so I either go with the crab cakes, the stuffed shrimp or the rib-eye if I want a steak.

it is in the bar.

friend got the ribeye, couldn’t eat it all, gave it to me for leftovers, it was better than my filet. I was really surprised, the salad and the baked potato weren’t good either. How do you f up a baked potato?

Ever go to Sizzlers?

Care for some Sizzler’s bread pudding? (pic from Yelp)

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Only if it’s made with their house famous cheese toast.

And liar on the pic. No shame in going to Sizzlers. I once saw Tracy McGrady there. (And, yes, I’ve been to Sizzlers. And ate its food.)

I’m hesitant to assist here because filet is your favorite. Ribeye or bust.

I am a fan of the burger at the bar on happy hour. but besides that… it’s a big fatty steak

I’d agree. Their Chilean seabass (or whatever species of fish it actually is these days) is quite tasty.

But I only do Morton’s when a meeting forces me to go there…

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Ribeye, much better than my filet.

Mac n cheese with baked potato

My sub par filet.


[quote=“ipsedixit, post:13, topic:3504”]
I once saw Tracy McGrady there.
[/quote] Good sighting… And at Sizzler! Awesome. I once spent an evening with Tracy McGrady. Easy fellas. It’s not what you think :relaxed:. It was business… kinda’. My girlfriend worked for him when he was still playing. He was coming in town. She thought I would be good at putting together a fun night out for him and his crew. We did the whole L.A. thing: Limo, Skybar, private after hours club, late night burger run. He was really sweet and kept his hands to himself :wink:.