Most important message of new year so far


“Hipster” is the new “jump the shark.” People have totally lost sight of any original meaning and now use it as a generic label for “things I don’t like.”

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And yet I walk into certain places and it’s like the Helvetica coffee shop from Girls has come to life. The age and style choices of the other customers run the gamut from A to B. If I tell someone, “that place is overrun with hipsters,” they know exactly what I mean.


Hipster = liberal ?

Amen. Anyone with a beard and any interesting piece of clothing or anything resembling stylish hair is now a hipster.


People writing restaurant/bar/club reviews seem to know who hipsters are. I don’t see them giving up on the term any time soon.

this used to be a food forum

Outside of white kids lietening to jazz in the 40s, wasn’t that basically what it always meant?

I have no idea… but then again I am pretty sure I am one…

It still is, but it used to be, too.

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much to their and their readers’ detriment.

Yah, it took five years of headlining every other cooking article with “You’re Doing It Wrong,” for them to realize that most people’s response was :fu:

And the whole “hack” thing is starting to die, I think. It’s a kitchen tip, for gods sake. Stop trying to be one of the cool kids.

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We stayed in an apartment in Brooklyn recently and I guarantee you I sure knew absolutely/positively what “hipster” means :slight_smile:

That “hack” bullshit drives me insane.

Excuse my ignorance but what is the “hack thing”?

Here is an example of an article using the term.

And here is an article from the same website charmingly and amusingly bemoaning the over-use/misuse of the term

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Any white person in Brooklyn basically?

Yeah. Since Blacks started the whole thing and then moved on, Whites are playing make-believe.

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Any white person in Brooklyn basically?

You might want to take a field trip to Brighton Beach or Midwood and learn a bit more about the population of Brooklyn.

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