Mothers Day 2020

What is everybody planning on buying, eating or cooking this weekend?

I’m making the burnt Basque cheesecake but other than that I’m open to ideas. We have not been picking up food as much as many of our esteemed posters but this is the weekend I’m driving into LA. Will most likely do Saturday night dinner. I’ll be driving back to OC around 35-40 minutes from DTLA. Short list includes Cosa Bueno, Bestia, Superfine and Holbox.


The LA Times offered this list for LA and Orange Counties:

In Pasadena, Bistro LQ is offering a special Mother’s Day menu (copy/pasted from an email):

" Prepared Meals.

email us at for information.

LQ Foodings@comfort Food Takeout and Delivery, Mother’s day weekend

Thank you for your orders and the support, we really need it! As long as we are all staying healthy is already a plus :slight_smile: So Cat and I decided to offer another menu for May 9th Mothers Day weekend so we tweaked the menu a bit and the pickup is at the same Pasadena location (we may offer very limited pickup on the 8th) to protect everyone’s health we are also trying not to be out so much so if we limit to Saturday May 9th for pickup we are gaining one extra day of confinement for us as well.

As of right now and every weekend thereafter during this crisis we will keep going on a day to day basis following our current situation related to our National health crisis. This venture will help us to stay afloat while helping folks who are unable to get a real homemade dish at a reasonable cost. Our goal is to use awesome ingredients as well as keeping it very healthy with good nutrient content. We are still offering the same price but we added $1 to cover the cost of the disposable items. thank you for your understanding

Below is the menu for this week. Each dish is 16.00 per person minimum as a donation but feel free to add a higher donation if you wish. We will have pick up Saturdays between 12 pm - 3.30 pm at our Pasadena kitchen located at Allen and Washington . Cat and I will be prepping the food with the most sanitary guidelines that we have been doing all along, and implementing extra measures to comply with recent guidelines. We will be able to do curbside delivery at the Pasadena location (we will give a number for you to text us) If in need, we can arrange home deliveries as well. Please order a minimum of 48 hours in advance for delivery that will take place Saturdays if possible. Keep in mind this is pre-order only and you can order as many quantities you want since the food will last at least 3 to 4 days in the fridge and can be reheated accordingly. This is all new to us and we welcome suggestions. This program will need a fair amount of volume to sustain itself in order for us to keep it going, so please feel free to share with everyone you know that could benefit from it.**

If you are interested, please provide the following to our email ( ):

Name + Phone Number

Pick-up Time (Between 12pm-3.30pm)

How many orders you would like for pickup

Which protein and/or the vegetarian version.

also feel free to add soup/dessert/cheese/ salad add an extra cost

Until our online store is fully operating, once we receive your order we will send you our credit card form to fill out for payment. Feel free to ask for special requests and we will listen as much as we can if we can!

Menu for the week of May 9th

Menu for the week of May 9th, you may order extra Dessert or Soup a la carte, also we are adding a small salad and cup cake for Mother’s day :slight_smile:

Your choice of: 14oz Gazpacho style cold soup or Chocolate Mousse with mocha

Your choice of protein (see below): all served with Potato Gratin

*Duck leg confit “Rosemary and thyme” Ratatouille

*North Atlantic Cod Saffron Lemon emulsion Ratatouille

*Chicken thigh “Provencale” Ratatouille

A la carte add on for Mother’s day celebration -

*** Small Blue Crab “Louis” style salad $9 :)**

*** 1 Cup Cakes $3 :)**

We MAY have access to specialty cheeses and other products that will be available

through our online store, going live in a few weeks, feel free to ask until then.

Also a few wine selections from Chiara will be available as well.

If you have any interest, please email us back at with your order and request.

*Due to a high volume of orders and inquiries, all orders and add on items will be cut off by Thursday evening. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner, but please help us by being clear and concise in your initial email.

Thank you very much everyone, and feel free to share with others that you think may benefit."

That pricing is REALLY affordable - I need to email and find out about the vegetarian option.


This is slightly off topic and pardon the thread drift but does anyone have any good ideas for stay at home Mother’s Day gifts.

My mom doesn’t have any hobbies…

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I wish every time we her those she complains that they are expensive and a waste of money lol


i’m cooking some meals and dropping it off at my parent’s house. we’re making our own version of kalbi, grilled peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, potato-egg salad, white rice


She’s not wrong


Thanks for the idea but alas they are further away!


Maybe something like this? A streamed concert or event.


A set of nice colored pencils and a coloring book. There are lots interesting ones available, and the coloring process can be a relaxing/creative outlet.

I wonder if any local book sellers have a book-of-the-month option? That could be a continued stay-at-home gift beyond Mother’s Day.


Awesome thanks for the recommendations @chinchi and @small_h

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While flowers might be a waste of money, a potted plant might work? (I prefer those, at least!) (Er, if your mother has indoor companion animals, especially those that like to dig or gnaw on things, this might not be the best idea - if she has outdoor space, though … .)

I was thinking about a “hamper” from Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena:

but I cannot vouch for the quality. Just an idea. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the rec! I have bought my mom orchids in the past, I decided to buy her records from a local record shop since she still has her record player from the 60s lol.


That’s one heck of a line-up: just sent the link to several family members - thank you!

You’re welcome! I’ll probably watch it myself, despite having a) never procreated and b) a mother who’s likely only heard of one or two of the performers.


ST Patisserie has Mother’s Day Cake.


Eater LA list
Bestia is sold out for the whole week

That Bestia meal would have been perfect. Foiled and missed a good package!

AOC’s Mother’s Day meal:

a.o.c. MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH to go
$39 per person

coleman lettuces, radish,
buttermilk dressing & green harissa
tehachapi grain tabbouleh with
spring vegetables & ricotta salata


dungeness crab frittata, sugar snaps,
pistou, mozzarella & watercress


spanish fried chicken & cornmeal waffle,
jamon butter & maple syrup

market fruit & berries
fried potatoes with sage & rosemary

shannon’s upside-down cake with
murray farm blueberries & lemon cream


According to this piece:

San Pedro Fish Market is offering, “…a luxe $80 Mother’s Day tray that includes lobster, snow crab, salmon and shrimp plus two large Coronas or a bottle of sparkling wine.”