Mr. Holmes Bakehouse - das cruffin

Far superior to OG Cronut IMO


release the cruffin


were there any lines?

Dangg. How is that donut?? It looks a lot like the one at St. John’s Bakery in London, which is the best donut I’ve ever had.

picture from Google

My coworker picked them up. He reports the following:

On Sunday, he tried going at 11am and they were sold out of everything

This morning, he was there at 830 and got a cruffin. No lines for the bakery side, but lines for the cruffin side. They don’t start selling cruffins until 9a and said coworker advises you to get there before 830 if you want one.

The donut was pretty good but definitely outclassed by the cruffin.


Er, silly question, but aren’t those donuts basically the same thing as sufganiyot (Israeli jelly donuts)? That’s what’s pictured in my avatar. :slight_smile:

Could be! I think the donut pic + the Mr. Holmes name had me thinking London, which is why I then thought about the St. John’s donuts.

I didn’t know that style of donut was called that though, so thanks!

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##Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
111 S Ave 59
Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 739-0473


Can you get anything else other than Cruffins if you show up later in the day?

Think weekdays is a safer bet. Arrived 8:10 a.m. on opening day, one hour wait. They kept on rolling out the non cruffin pastries when I left.

Their Strawberry Bear Claw is noteworthy. The Bacon Onion Danish and Lemon Danish are good. Corn Flake Cookie is overly sweet. Ate the Savory Bread Pudding the day after, the crust was kinda chewy. Avoid the Chocolate Monkey Bread.

I mean… what happens when you show up at like 3 pm at this place? They say they are open until 4 pm.

Strawberry Bear Claws and Bacon Onion Danishes (and those donuts) sound more interesting than the cruffins to me.

Don’t know but doesn’t sound like a good idea.

Btw, they don’t have a lot of their SF signature pastries.

Take one for the team and swing by?

Your wish is my command.

Showed up at 3:57 and they were still stocked with a ton of croissants (regular and chocolate), and a good deal of the onion bacon danishes, some blueberry danishes, and some chocolate pudding donuts. I wish I could try their donuts fresh, but they are still strangely good, possibly my favorite donuts since they seem properly filled and are not overly sweet somehow. The bacon onion danish was nice, displaying pastry that is very flakey and crisp paired alongside very salty/smokey bacon. Works fairly well. Really want to return for Strawberry Bear Claws; wonder how early they sell out of those.

Chocolate Pudding Donut

Bacon Onion Danish


good to know, time to find out if Postmates will deliver.

Awesome, thanks!

Those do look quite tasty.