Musashiya Udon in Westwood didn't impress

i do not understand. is it me or my bad luck? i’ve been to this place twice, once when it just opened and another time recently. everything was meh. the texture of the udon in particular was no better than the frozen stuff i bought in supermarkets, and certainly no match to any bowl i’ve had in japan (i go about twice a year for work). can this be a pure hype thing? do people like it just because the bowls are larger than their heads? or should i give it another try?

This is the first I’ve heard of this place so take my opinion with huge grains of salt. Just looked at yelp pics. No photos of any udon until deep into the array. This hints to me that everything else is getting the attention: the interior, the other menu items, the plastic food display. You’re probably right. Traditional udon is a more finessed soup noodle IMHO. The ingredients tend to be far more subtle and their quality will be very apparent.

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I liked the noodle well enough on my two visits as noted in the link below

Surely not as great a Oumi Sasaya or Marugame Monzo but - for the neighborhood - a better than OK meal.

Did you bring a note excusing your absence? Welcome back!

Here are my feeble excuses - had to eat fucking king crab and catch fucking king salmon in fucking Alaska. Life’s rough.


Poor thing - feelin’ for you bro…


When seeking authentic Asian food in Westwood… generally best to temper you expectations.