Musso & Frank Temporarily Closes

I was in the middle of planning a girls’ lunch there. It’s a bummer because they’re doing such great business this month due to the 100th anniversary. Upside is maybe they’ll have to change that seemingly 100 yr old carpet. The real news to me is Bill Addison has never been there.

A true One Hundred Year Flood!
I honestly would not care if the place washed away for good - because it isn’t (good).
Other than the drinks.


Yep, @CiaoBob, loved the martini. I don’t remember not liking the food. I’ll get back to you on that.

Jonathan Gold liked the food, in large part because they serve dishes that nobody else does any more.

That’s what I like about it too.

Wow clicked on the link with the list, and while I realize 9 years is an eternity for restaurants in LA, it’s crazy to see just how many of those restaurants no longer exist. And these were supposed to be the good restaurants.

Serving great food doesn’t necessarily make a sustainable business. And even when they do, rents go up, buildings get sold, chefs want to do something different, people want to retire.

I was there semi-recently and I thought the food was excellent. I had the scallops and they were cooked absolutely perfectly. Also, my drink (a sidecar) was the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

I do think the flannel cakes are overrated.

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They’re officially 100 years old today. Well, technically yesterday as it’s after midnight.