My daughter is 8 today! Good spot for a big group?

Hello fellow hounds! Is there any good spots for a big group birthday somewhat close to Weshood? There will be about 12 of us. Lots of kids will be present. Something casual - maybe a great Italian or pizza joint?

800 degrees

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Pitfire is well suited for these types of things.


Pitfire is a good choice and family friendly, the one on westwood is a bit small so it helps to send an advanced scout to grab a table and parking is limited in the lot (there is street parking.)


Pitfire is the easy choice for the 90025. Pizza is meh, though.
Westside Tavern, if the adults wanna get their drink on. They have a private room too.
Closer to 90024: Fresh Corn Grill.
Closer to Sawtelle (90025 also): Ohana Burger.

In 90024 proper: Lamonica’s NY Pizza is a good casual slice place. Tanino is spacious enough, but it’s a bit dark and honestly it’s been years since I’ve gone. California Pizza Kitchen is the cop-out answer (BUT in CPK’s defense, Diddy Riese is right there too for after-dinner).


Too late now, and not Italian or pizza, but how about the new Panda Express Innovation Kitchen?

Yeah, I suck. Sorry.

Was just there today. Nice place, but the food was, well, Panda Express. BUT the Tea Bar was kinda neat. Maybe I should devote a post to it.


I went on Sunday, but didn’t get any food. Their iced jasmine tea was suitably floral.

Thanks all - we hit Pitfire & had a great time!
Service was fairly terrible as they attempted to take our orders at the table which is not the norm here. No big deal though - the kids could run around like animals and no one cared. We had the big table in the back. Great for a group of 12 - 15!


Please tell me you fed her as much of Pitfire’s Straus family organic soft serve as her now 8 year-old tummy could stomach.