My Latest .99 cent Only Store finds

Boy howdy it’s been a while! Not just the pandemic but also rising prices everywhere. Completely understandable, just sad.

That said, had to share, for folks in the Los Angeles area, went to my 99 Cents store in Glendale (on San Fernando by Sonora) and? They had half pound packages of Applegate turkey bacon for 99 cents. That was the kicker, now that they have all levels of prices, that they had that particular deal for truly just 99 cents. Expiration Date July 18, 2022. Woo! Did turkey BLT’s for lunch and they were fab.

The extra joy? They had this whey supplement for $5.99 -

We picked one up last week at a different 99, tried it and were happily surprised. Tasty, low fat, high protein. So when we saw it again we bought multiples. If you see it, I’d say stock up too!