My second favorite Chicken Sandwich in LA (well, Gardena actually)

Painter’s Tape. Go!

Painter’s Tape
1725 W Redondo Beach Blvd,
Gardena, CA 90247


A few questions:

What is your fav place?

And what is the hollow bread thing in the 3rd pic?


  1. Howlin’ Ray’s Please note, the chicken sandwich does not have a crispy crust, but for me that is not always a dealbreaker. However, it’s why Howlin’ Ray’s is better than Painter’s Tape.

  2. Curry Pan.

  3. I forgot to add a picture of the Roti Dommy! ordered.

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That chicken sandwich is good, but I wish they’d use a different bun.


It’s a tad sweet (sweeter than even the curry pan), but I think it helps balance the whole sandwich. Plus it holds together nicely, even with a thick sliced tomato (which to me was the weakness in the sandwich)



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When you say “favorite Chicken Sandwich” are you including all chicken sandwiches? Or just fried chicken sandwiches?

Of chicken sandwiches, I prefer fried. I had a smoked chicken sandwich at Revolutionario last night and it was excellent but I’d rather eat the one I had today over that.

The turmeric smoked chicken at The Cannibal might change your mind. Or it might not.

You could do a band bang bang:
The Cannibal:Loqui:Van Leeuwen

I just wanted to say bang bang bang.


The “Southern Fry” chicken sandwich at Plan Check is the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had.


FO Burger after that for the Bang to the fourth power (with bonus DOTM trophy)…

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Fans of smoked chicken should make a point of trying the Street Corn Torta at Mendocino Farms. So very, very smokey. Better even than the smoked turmeric chicken at The Cannibal imo. I like to order it without the candied Fresno chilis, which are too sweet.


Good advice, friendly neighborhood polymath!

LOL no one has any idea how much math I had to do to in order to become a polymath :stuck_out_tongue:

what non-fried chicken sandwiches are better than fried chicken sandwiches?

The lemongrass chicken banh mi at Ô Banh Mi.

Curry chicken salad sandwich at Valerie (GCM).

Add to that the Chicken Olivieh Sandwich at Attari (Westwood)


Another solid non-fried chicken sandwich in the Westwood area is at Fresh Corn Grill. Very simple and tasty. I like it with their citrus sauce.

You are such a champion of this place. I’ve got to get over there!

Chicken Milanese Sandwich w/Swiss Cheese on a crusty roll at Jones on 3rd (Beverly-Grove). I don’t know what makes the cutlet taste so f-ing good. But I do know one thing that elevates their sandwiches - they use imported cheeses. No Boars Head or restaurant supply cheese on these sandwiches.

What can I say? The Atari 2600 made an indelible impression on me back in the day…