N/soto - Little Tokyo

Temporary pop-up at the new toshizo watanabe culinary cultural center inside the japanese american cultural & community center in little tokyo, got that? good.

I liked that they required proof of vaccination.

head sergio ki kim
he’ll be with n/soto for the first couple months before he opens his own place in ktown.

sakizuke - nasubi, blue shrimp, snow pea

zensai - goya, kabocha, crudites, summer squash, campari

otsukuri - toro, sawara, samekawa

sumibiyaki - negima, butubara, gyutan

agemono - scallop kakiage, shishito, curry salt

shirumono - torijiru

osushi - zuke maguro, anago, uni

gohanmono/oshinko - ume ochazuke, nakazuke

mizukashii - melon float, azuki, nata de coco, shiratama


after-dinner bang #1 @ for the win

double cheeseburger add lettuce and tomato

after-dinner bang #2 @ needle

yau tiu, 8 spice, sugar, condensed milk
eaten out of the back of the car so that it’s still piping hot :fire: smog and noise pollution is a different story. @TheCookie, @CiaoBob


Was Yoji-san there at JACCC?

yep, he was there opening weekend. he was only making the sushi from what i could see.

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Hi @PorkyBelly !
Yah, the smog and 'sqitos can get really bad there.
What was your favorite bite of that double cheeseburger? We really appreciated the second and sixth bites on our 18th visit :heart: :blush: :heart:, that’s usually the bite when the sauce runs over our fingers. Our dear friends were in from Lubbock Texas, so off we went to ride a mechanical (load of) bull after the burger on our 225th visit.


So…no commentary on the n/soto meal? Damning with faint praise? Just a guess here (LOL) but, you didn’t get enough to eat/weren’t satisfied by it…I’m trying to decide whether I want to go or not.

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It was quite good. Many (perfectly cooked) skewer dishes, and an exemplary kiakiage. Not a single bad bite, except the shoga (pickled ginger) for the sushi course was waay too strong. Overall, a lovely time.

It’s a reasonably-priced meal, held at a location with the purpose of highlighting Little Tokyo, at its cultural center. I find nothing to bash here.


Glad to hear it and thanks for the input. I trust your opinion, so will plan on giving it a try.

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