Natural wine scene in LA

Domaine LA
Bar Bandino
Tabula Rasa

Where else?

I can’t speak to restaurants serving natural wine (@ nemroz might know). But Lou would be my first stop. He does tastings several times a week and often features natural wines. Domaine LA is great too.

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I’ve had some wonderful natural wines at Sotto and Hatchet Hall.

Member of Domaine’s natural club for while now. They have what I need

For the uninitiated:

For the initiated:
Do we need a new word?


It’s not a monolithic movement. Common elements are pesticide-free, organic, or biodynamic grapes (certified or not), dry farming, less or no sulphur added, ambient yeast only, and fermentation and aging in neutral vessels. Every winery uses a different mix and may adjust it for individual wines.



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they’ve come to describe a style of wine that’s very different though… very light, juicy, tart, low tannins, young, chilled…

Mr Darwin don’t worry about it, you should be so lucky that someone sends you a Trader Joe’s 2 Buck Chuck out in the Galapagos Islands. I hear finch liver goes well with some fava beans and a nice bottle of chianti.

In fact, my current weakness is Avignonesi’s Vin Santo di Montepulciano…

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The Punchdown, my regular in Oakland, always has a wide variety of styles.

Tonite Silverlake wine is doing a natural wine tasting with Roark Wine Company

Yes, the descriptor Natural means one thing. The wines distributed and sold with that descriptor seem to all be in a narrow range. Yellow whites (vin jaune like) and young juicy cloudy almost carbed reds that remind of young gamays.

Seems to me someone’s trying to create a new style altogether with branding and all.

French ‘bio’ wines is of course how it started

Most natural wines aren’t labeled as such. Orange wines are mostly if not all natural and are made by fermenting with skin contact, like reds. There are natural wines in many styles. Some of my favorites are not wildly different from conventional wines of the same appellation.

Yikes, what a scene. Too loud for me.

Yikes! is right! Wow, maybe the warm weather is getting people out on a Thursday nite for some wine tasting!

The Guerilla Tacos truck probably helped.

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Greetings all. I am a winemaker up in Ojai C.A. specializing in wines with no sulfites, finning or filtering. Where should I sell my wine in LA? What restaurants, wine shops etc would support a local natural wine? Thanks.

The places mentioned above are the ones I know about. A former Ordinaire (Oakland) employee has another place in the works.

I think Roni Ginach, who was the wine director at Kismet, also has a new place in the works.