Need recommendation for SF meals

Their seafood chowder is great.

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Across the street is NOPA where you could get a good cocktail and some things from their bar snacks menu (they have the best fries in the city and used to have great fried smelts on their bar snacks menu but looking now I don’t see them anymore).
Also on Divisadero, if you are into Amaro cocktails, is Bar 821 that has like 90 different types.

Awesome. I’ll check out Bar Crudo for some HH action. Love me a good chowder.

Does NOPA still do their awesome pork chop?

Yes and their burger is still great. If you want an ice cream fix Bi-Rite is across the street from Bar Crudo and usually has no line at all (unlike the Mission location).

In Situ is fantastic, Bar Crudo’s oyster happy hour is great, and the duck at The Morris is solid indeed. The Morris also has an insane chartreuse collection, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I ate at the bar at Angler a couple weeks ago and did not have a good experience, but that may have been partly due to the atrocious server.

No love for Mister Jiu’s?

I like it.

Ming Kee for the BBQ Pork Neck and Soy Sauce Chicken!!!

The best Hong Kong BBQ in the whole damn state. Maybe the whole US of A.

Yet it is still relatively unknown except among the local Cantonese and Chinese college students


I was able to get in to Sorrel so ended up canceling In Situ. Seems like a safer bet. Hopefully it’s the right decision.

That’s a very upscale neighborhood. They have to satisfy picky rich people.

what does that even mean?

That neighborhood is SF’s equivalent of Beverly Hills. I think you’re pretty sure to eat well, but it will be expensive and safe.

Sorrel is excellent. I’ve been once during their pop up days and at least 4 times when they had their proper restaurant. I don’t even want to bother with Quince. Top notch high end pastas, and very creative flavors.

It does get pretty dark and very noisy in there though. But adds a bit to the atmosphere. When it gets packed, things can be a bit slow.

They have a reasonable tasting menu around the $80s mark. If you have multiple people might be worth adding an additional pasta or two to share.

Not too enamored with their wine list, but I’ve done corkage for wine (Burgundy and Brunello) and sake, and if you bring the right drink and pair it right, the experience is amazing.

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IIRC we were wanting to go there last year but our friends who live not far weren’t available. It still looks super. There’s a dish with arugula pesto. Sign me up for THAT!

You will not go wrong with Sorrell. If you don’t do the Tasting Menu, get whatever dish highlights a bread product.

Should I get the whole sourdough loaf? Looks great but the fact that they charge $4 for freaking butter does not sit well with me.

I don’t eat butter with bread. So can’t say.

But the bread is outrageous.

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No butter? What??? I’m disappoint

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The sourdough foccacia at Sorrel is amazeballs (that’s their house bread).

They do charge $3 for cultured butter and you also have the option to have bagna cauda instead of butter which I highly recommend (or if you have at least two people in your party, try both). The tasting menu I believe includes the focaccia. If you are just one person, take the remainder to go if you can’t finish it all. Light microwave heating ~20 seconds and it’s still great the next day for breakfast.

Even the right wine or sake paired with the bread (and butter) is ridiculously interesting and fun.

Bar Crenn is an expensive lounge. Food is classic French with small sharable plates. It can be very pricey with with. Desserts were very good. It was a nice break from all the tasting menus we do when family comes to visit.