Need Recs: Gardena for Brunch/Lunch

Hello everybody, so wifey is getting together with a group of her friends in Gardena.

Naturally, they asked the fat guy where to eat. I have a reputation to uphold and a wife to make happy so, please help keep me out of the doghouse.

Day: Sunday, brunch/lunch.
Guests: 6-8
Area: Gardena

Any ideas suggestions?

By the way, I doubt that I will get any kind of a really good report from anywhere they go. So I apologize in advance.

THANK YOU :pray:

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Painters Tape!

Edit: may not have dine in option


Thank you, @JeetKuneBao !

No one else has recs or am I being boycotted? LOL!

Is there any dim sum in the area?

Bangbang option: Grab some biryani and halwa puri (weekends only) from Zam Zam Market in Hawthorne!

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The first place to come to mind is King’s Hawaiian, which is in Torrance but not too far from Gardena.

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The only place that came to mind was Gardena Bowl but doesn’t seem like a brunchy type of place. Or maybe it is?


OP should def send his wife and her friends to Gardena Bowl.

Also, OP should decorate dog house while wife is away at brunch JIC


Jinx you owe me a soda.


I think there’s a dearth of brunch places in Gardena. If they are willing to go a little further afield. There’s mb post in mb or auntie mailes hawaiian in Torrance more like a breakfast place not a fancy brunch place.


I-Naba is open for lunch, but in Torrance.

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The only dim sum in Gardena is at Sea Empress, and it is…merely serviceable. As @hungryhungryhippos mentioned, Gardena isn’t exactly a ladies who brunch kind of vibe.

There’s Otafuku, which opens at 11:30, if they’re open to doing lunch.


They totally will do lunch. It’s a group of men and women, Chinese, Armenian, Italian, yeah, they are fine eating lunch and drinking too :slight_smile:

LOL Believe me. I paint the dog house daily.


I think given what you asked for, Painters Tape was the most ideal option.

Unless the group is okay with Japanese food and sake only. Then that opens you up to more options.

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These were the reasons why I remained silent (aside from also simply not being super familiar w/ the South Bay, in general).

And I wan’t sure if “brunch” also referred to a time of day (b/c the non-breakfast places might not be open early enough).

If lunch works, maybe Wadatsumi in Torrance?


Get takeout from Wadatsumi or Kagura or Inaba or Otafuku, beers from Smog City, and take them to Rat Beach?


Yeah otafuku in the summer is always a good time


Oh you said takeout. I’m dumb.


The Ume Vegetable Seiro Soba at Otafuku is summer AF!


One of them is pushing, hard, for dim sum even though Sea Empress is just so so.

Is there anything else kinda nearby?

As another poster noted, the “go to” dim sum place in the Gardena area is Sea Empress, which is ok but not up to SGV standards by any means. I know that Szechwan Chinese Restaurant on PCH in Lomita also has a dim sum menu, but I have never been. Then there is the dim sum adjacent Din Tai Fung in the Del Amo Fashion Mall.


Please do not call DTF dim-sum adjacent. It’s hurts the hearts of those of us who are purists. :slight_smile: And my HK friend would be genuinely horrified.

Having said all that, DTF might suit the party’s needs just fine.