Nemra’s Made-up Yet Delicious Recipes

Start off by sauteing an onion with diced carrot in olive oil. Set aside.

Saute an onion, add 1 lb of ground lamb, 1 lb of ground beef, break up some, add garlic, thyme, tomato paste, bell pepper. Let that cook a while. Parsley is good too

Layer thin zucchini on top. Layer your onion, carrot saute on top of that.

obviously add some green peas

Rice your steamed kabocha squash and cover the whole thing as pretty as you can

eat it very fast, hopefully serving it in better layers than i did

oh yea… season at every step .

Serve with Barolo… or not Barolo…

This Barolo is being used as a dessert course though. We aren’t barbarians


So down for this thread!


Keep it coming.


Good choice for the dessert. Not sure the kids liked it. I so wish I could give you some of this lovely spring sorrel!

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Brown off some pumpkin (real Asian store, Cinderella walk of shame pumpkin) . Not :jack_o_lantern:

Charr some tomato. Set aside.

Sauté bacon in a olive oil, add thinly sliced onion when done, let them hang out slowly . Toss in some fresh corn. When browned deglaze with half cup of chicken stock, add a good splash of cream.

Let it cool down.

Add peas and pumpkin.

Add pasta

Add too much pecorino

Butter, black pepper


Is this a thing? I don’t know or care. Tastes nice but I used restaurant quantity of fat and salt


I’d eat that pasta dish in a heart beat, restaurant quantity of fat and salt not withstanding :yum:


Guys if I need to stew / braise this leg of lamb in wine, etc. Will it get totally soft short a few hours? It’s a 5 lb boneless and no I can’t roast it even though I prepared it as a roast lol



Oooo… It’s going to take a long while to Braise in an oven and it’s so hot…

I would crock pot it overnight and then reduce down the liquid and serve it as a faux tagine…

Or you can chop it up and do a real tagine… But that would again require the oven for 1+ hours…

For Father’s day ask for a Rotisserie attachment for your grill. It makes the most AWESOME Leg of Lamb…


I don’t have electric gadgets like that. It’s just going in a thick Dutch oven , stove top and I’ll start poking at it after 6 hours. Great setup


It’s all Gorgeous.

Before plating.

I’ll write up the recipes tomorrow when I’m at a keyboard.

Dad’s birthday today so braised a leg of lamb and made some sides

Pumpkin soup

Chickpeas and spicy smoky linguisa

Mushrooms for my 3 mushroom “julien” or gratin

The lamb will look nicer when I present it I hope lol

Slow sautéd cabbage


Omg. I mean, everything looks great… but those Shrooms are :drooling_face:! Can you share the ingredients!

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Mushroom dish is my take on Mushroom julienne which is something every russian/armenian restaurant serves as a hot appetizer

bacon sauted for the fat and eaten, olive oil and butter added (its a rich dish)

sweet onion sauted in that until brown, then garlic added, sprigs of thyme, sage, oregano

deglazed with white wine

sliced white button, crimini and shitake mushrooms added, high heat, toss toss let them give off liquid. Added chicken stock for flavor. Let that cook until a lot of it is browned.

russian sour cream (didn’t have so used cream and russian yogurt mixture, need creaminess and tanginess) added, tons of gruyere and pecorino added.

then gratined with a cheese layer on top



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The cabbage was 1 head, 1.5 onion, 2 tomato, celery seed, a bit coriander seed, apple vinegar, chicken stock.

Sautéed reeeeally slowly after getting onions up to speed first

The customization this time was dried sour cherries


Wrote up the steps and added photos

Sicilian Pizza Practice


Beautiful! See your pan pizza and raise you a Detroit pie.


Actually looking at your album its not a raise; its barely a see. Great work!

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Id like to learn to do this

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