Neptune Oyster

Had an excellent dinner earlier this week at Neptune Oyster. Feels like an upscale Swan Oyster Depot but still very casual. They don’t take reservations so expect a wait. It wasn’t too bad the night I was there ~ 40 minutes on a weekday evening.

Oysters were excellent and perfectly shucked, no residual shell and abductor muscles were deftly severed without damaging the oyster. One of the best I’ve had in the US. The Beach Points from Barnstable, MA were the highlights (pictured at 4 - 6 o’clock), large sized and not too briny. The cherrystones were sweeter than the ones I get in NYC too.

My wife ordered the Mackerel Veracruz - OMG seriously this fish was perfectly excuted!! Crisp skin and moist flesh accented beautifully by the veracruz sauce. She finished off the entire plate without a pause.

My fish and chips were well executed but regretted my order and wish I got the cioppino or something else on the menu. This kitchen is clearly capable of executing more complex dishes.

The friendly and attentive service capped of one of the best meals in recent memory, highly recommended!!!


The sleeper on the menu might be the “Yellowfin” collar for two. I didn’t realize the Yellowfin referred to a tuna (not hamachi) collar. The couple next to us ordered one and it was huge and looked amazing!!!

Stopover at Mike’s pastry


We enjoyed our meal there a few years back. Better than the seafood we’ve had across the country at places like Pearl Oyster Bar, Swan Oyster Depot, Connie’s and Ted’s, Rappahannock Oyster Bar DTLA and Hog Island.

@js76wisco yeah it was a really stellar meal.

We planned to go when we were last in Boston, but ran out of time. Bummed!

@TheCookie definitely worth checking out next time you’re in Boston

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Next time you are in Boston three other places to consider with similar seafood focus:

Saltie Girl -

Row 34 -

Select Oyster Bar -

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I actually started the night at Row 34, unfortunately the FOH service was terrible and ended up leaving for Neptune instead. Will note the other two spots for future visits. Thanks!

Was in Boston a little while ago and went to Neptune’s Oyster. All the seafood was as advertised - excellent! The non seafood stuff was so so. We ordered a bunch of crowd-pleaser items and weren’t too adventurous - I was here to get stereotypical New England specialties :slight_smile:

Fried clams - pretty good, though I had a better version the night before so this tempered my enthusiasm

Clam chowder - this was a bit watery, and o didn’t really taste that much clam, more diluted cream

Razor clam crudo - now we’re talking! The red peppers were spicy and provided a little kick, and the clams were fresh, but had enough crunch and brine; I was tempted to order a second round but chickened our

Wide variety of oysters - Can’t find my receipt with the list but I basically ordered OOE. It was mostly east coast with a couple west coast (Kumamoto). My favorite was the kushi but this was a great plate of oysters.

Uni toast - thought this would be uni on toast but given the price point ($5) my expectations were probably unrealistic. It was basically uni flavored butter on toast

Lobster roll with greens. We got the hot buttered version (vs the cold version with mayo). The lobster was sweet and properly chewy yet soft, but the bun was way too soggy. Also there was too much salt on the greens.

If I were to go again, I would only get raw seafood or cooked seafood without a lot of accouterments.

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What’s a “cola version”?

Whoops, that should read “cold” version. Fixed it.

LOL. I prefer the “cola” version :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your meal was less than exemplary.

Where did you have it the previous night?

Sorry for the delay!

I ate the fried clams the night before at Pagu, which is not traditional Boston restaurant. We had a grea meal there, but [disclaimer] we know the chef.

I think my post on Neptune Oyster sounded more harsh than I had meant - I thoroughly enjoyed the seafood bits of the meal. I feel that if I had ordered more like you and not limited myself to just the “crowd-pleasers,” I would have had an even better meal, and I would definitely return on another trip.

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Thanks for the Pagu tip.

Huge fan of Neptune Oyster and that’s my favorite thing on the menu.

Also, the bar across the street that has some great beers on tap while you await your table.

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