New Dish Alert: Smoked Beef Short Ribs and Spicy Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish Noodles at Cassia

Had some really great new dishes at Cassia last night.

Smoked Beef Short Ribs: Spicy Chinese BBQ sauce, pickled cabbage, Bibb lettuce, herbs
These were, IMHO, quite a bit better than Majordomo’s APL short ribs (which I do love, but the spices and Vietnamese herbs brought the Bibb lettuce “taco” to a whole new level).
Excellent char on the ribs (and I love pulling the meat off myself, not having them carved by someone else). Also, not as expensive and do-able for two (or 1 with plenty of left overs).

Spicy Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish Noodles: Tabasco-jalapeno breadcrumbs, kaffir lime leaf, scallions
Loved these but wanted a firmer noodle, they were a little soft and gummy last night. But the flavors were great and crawfish very sweet.