New French Dip Specialist Arrives - Harlowe's French Dip (Review)

I’m actually perfectly happy with Philippe’s.

Geographically convenient, and the beef dip satisfies that same itch the Filet-O-Fish does.

Is it the best? Dunno. Don’t care.


I feel like overall they started going downhill pretty rapidly about a year some ago. Can’t quite put my finger on why. If there was a change in the staff, owner or something. But when they first opened, the quality across the board was very good. But then everything just started sliding. It really is a shame.

If you make it down south, SideDoor (part of Lawry’s group) in Corona del Mar makes a great dip- skip the potato chips and get the beef fat fries.

Also, Uva Bar Downtown Disney has a really good version with caramelized onions and gruyère topping.

Love the Houstons/R+D Kitchen as well.

Phillipe’s purely nostalgia for me at this point, but really a different category quality- wise.

The Rutherford’s Prime Rib french dip was one of my must-haves when I lived in the Bay Area. We’d make special trips from Marin all the way out just for them, and the chance to wander through Dean and Deluca

Honestly, I think it beats Cole’s or Phillipes easily, though it IS priced accordingly.

French Dip Eclair, Bel Campo, Santa Monica.

I’ve been meaning to try this since it popped up on the board, and it was great. The horseradish sauce was very good, I’m trying to deconstruct it to make at home.

Nice roast beef, a wee bit bland, more sat may be nice. The bread part was interesting. Not an eclair shell, per se, but very similar. The au jus was excellent.

I took a little taste of everything for research purpose, then took the rest to go. E. chowed it down! So I guess that’s an A+.


Hi @Bookwich,

Thanks for the report. :slight_smile: Wow, did they stuff the “Eclair Shell” with Horseradish, and it oozed out as you bit into it?

Yes! It looks like mayonnaise (shudder), but it’s a cream sauce. Bit not a whipped cream. It had a great acid/bite/cream balance.

(And I used a fork to taste it.:wink: )