New-ish Mexican in Laguna Hills

El Toro Bravo has been in Costa Mesa for years but I was always a little intimidated by the look of the place and, with Taco Mesa so close, never tried it. My son has and said it was very good. Now they’ve opened close enough to us that I’ll just have to give it a try. Lengua and pig cheeks in Laguna Hills??? Who’d’ve thought?


El Toro Bravo has been a favorite of mine for years. Enjoy!

This is great news. Extra points if it replaced that 24 hour place… which it looks like it did.

I’ve yet to swing by. I know there was a paintball store and a men’s suit place in that center but someone here referred to a previous food place too. 24 hour what?

24 hour Mexican Place. Think it was called Taco Stop

Thanks for the tip! Closer to me than Costa Mesa or Santa Ana.

Definitely going this weekend :taco: