New SGV Update From TonyC

a challenger to the beef roll?

Not if the past couple of centuries (or so) is any indication.

really? for some reason i got the notion that the beef roll was actually invented here in the US.

Beef Rolls (the variety that 101 Noodle made popular in SGV) have been a staple of Taiwanese street fare of one ilk or another since I was but a wee toddler (read: before the Internet, way before).

And the Taiwanese just adopted it from Shadong province and the Jianbing specialist dotting the streets of JInan, making these beef rolls along with potato chips and sesame bread.

i find it interesting that while there are numerous variations of dough & fillings in chinese cuisine termed either buns or dumplings (and i’m not going to get drawn into an argument over the semantics again) but there doesn’t seem to be that many burrito-type analogues in chinese cuisine. i suppose one could argue peking duck wrappers and the like, but they seem more like tacos to me.

I’ve not had either but would this be a Chinese equivalent of a “sushirrito”?

i understand that such things are served. but my desire to try one isn’t all that high, even though i do enjoy hwe dup bap in terms of indiscriminately assembled types of raw fish typically associated with sushi. but i see hwe dup bap as a means of consuming lower quality trimmings instead of letting them go to waste; as for sushi, i’m used to appreciating the contrast (s) of flavor and texture, etc.