Nightengale - Coal Harbour

Went for dinner last Sunday around 8:45. They showed us to a seat but we said the music was too loud, so they put us at the middle of the three two-tops facing the kitchen. We were right by the pass so saw all the food so got ideas of what we wanted to order.

Marinated beets, sumac labneh, orange, dukkah, mint ($12): this was one of the best beet salads I’ve had, very nice combination of flavors plus various kinds of crunch from toasted rice, roasted hazelnuts, and sesame seeds. The chunks of beet are quite large so this is a bigger serving, would have been fine for four people to share.

I thought I took more photos but they’re not on my phone and I didn’t get a copy of the itemized bill.

The roasted maitake mushrooms with pecorino, brown butter, and hazelnut ($12) were great. So was the asparagus with parsley butter, soft poached egg, and crispy parmesan, though the little bit of grated raw black truffle didn’t add enough that I’d pay the $8 supplement again (I prefer black truffles cooked).

I forget which pizza we ordered, flavors were great but the crust the tender Neapolitan style and I prefer crisp.

Fresh spaghetti, manila clam, jalapeno, scallion, and white wine (small portion $14) was classic.

Grilled duck hearts and gizzards with kumquat, shiso, pink peppercorn, and dark soy ($14) was basically an izakaya dish. Would have been great with shochu.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple more dishes.

Overall it was a great meal. We liked the food so much and saw so many appealing dishes go by that we planned to return but logistics didn’t work out.