Noma - Mexico

Etxebarri is incredible (notice anything in my profile pic?).

That’s a good point on making the drinks mandatory - I hadn’t thought about that before. Not an issue for me, at least in the sense I would’ve ordered it regardless. But … my wife would perhaps have not.

In fact, when we ate at Noma in Copenhagen (and other Nordic/Scandic region restaurants), oftentimes I’ll do a wine pairing and she’ll do a juice pairing. I’m sure they’ll be willing to do a non-alcoholic pairing, but then is it reasonable to expect that to be the same price as the alcoholic? I’m almost 100% positive, even at Noma, the non-alcoholic pairings are less expensive throughout the region.

But then, what it all boils down to is, they can price it at this, knowing full well they’ll sell out anyway. You know, suckers like me and all.

Ahh I do recognize that glorious piece of meat! Nah you’re not a sucker, I’m just bitter I can’t justify it :slight_smile:

Enjoy and please do report back on here. Would love to see what Redzepi does!

I love Mexico with all my heart. Tulum is delightfully off the beaten path.

Chef Redzepi is the reason I don’t throw my potatoes away when they grow ears.

…And that’s about all I have to contribute. If anyone goes, please report.

Newest update (ish):

Everything You Need to Know about Noma Mexico …

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When is your reservation?

A couple of weeks off. I thought I’d have to try and sell it, but fortunately things seem to be working out to go.

I freely acknowledge and admit this is ludicrous.

Nonetheless, should be … an experience (?)

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Haha just enjoy it. You’ll be dining in the literal jungle with one of the world’s best chefs. Should be unforgettable.

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So exciting that you’re going. Should be great.

Would love to eat vicariously through any report you’re willing to share post-trip.


Oh, I’ll absolutely do my best to take pics and report.

I won’t however, bring a DSLR and lighting rig/grip truck, which probably puts me in the minority. :wink:


Honestly that makes me happy. Use your words and your phone camera. Unless your last name is Gold or Rodell you don’t need a damn camera crew, and that ain’t what you should be focusing when you’re at Noma!



I see things like this - which, I admit, I have not read in an effort to go into this as “pristine” as possible - and the title alone gets my heart racing.

WaPo goes to Mexico


Is it $600 w/ wine, or just for the meal? If it’s with wine, that’s not bad, relatively speaking - compared to what many other places charge that aren’t a special event, but just for dinner w/ wine.

I’m considering going, if I can find a ticket at face value. But not sure if timing will work - I’m in LA and NY in May. When does it run until?

How safe is buying a secondhand TOCK ticket? I assume Paypal is the best way? I would hate to show up and be turned away, though this run is so small I’m doubtful there’s fakes out there.

Sounds like staying at the hotel is a way to go.

Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t want a 3-night stay with a package, just a one night thing for me, probably. There are some tickets on Chowhound, too.

How much?

The link does sound quite wonderful, doesn’t it?

I think the best place to get a ticket is from this chowhound post:

The best way to get your hands on the ticket itself would probably be Tock since the site allows a person to directly transfer a ticket to you.

I think the meal and pairing are $600 USD per person, plus 16 percent local tax, and a nine percent service charge. At least that’s what Eater is saying.

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Just saw somebody posting about how sweaty their meal at Noma was… It’d be interesting to pay 750 bucks to sweat through your shirt…

Though I’d still do it in a heartbeat if I had the finances.

Hey, you’re talking about the forest in Mexico. Hot and humid is what I’d guess. If I needed another deal breaker that would be it. I HATE that kinda weather. And I don’t have the finances either.

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Just got back last night (dined on Saturday).

I’ll update at some point in the next week, but will tease that the food was, indeed, incredible.

Glad to hear it was presumably worth the trip! Can’t wait for the report, had you been to Noma Copenhagen?