NoMad LA opening

NoMad LA is officially opening on Sunday, but there is a sneak preview today and tomorrow. Anyone going?

I really enjoyed the NYC location. It was a great way to start a night on the town with my cousins.
Looking forward to giving the LA location a try.

I booked a reservation for the restaurant in early February, but did notice the valet stand seemingly operational on my way to work yesterday.

Enjoyed Humm’s NoMad NYC restaurant (1*) somewhat more than EMP (3*). Of course EMP is a superior restaurant, but sometimes a you don’t want fine dining on that level on a Friday night and NoMad was still mostly delicious.

wow beautiful space

What’s the deal with soft opening tonight, can you just show up?

Not sure, but I think it is invite only for friends and family according to my friend who I’m going with (disclosure: he works for the Sydell Group who own NoMad and the Line, among other hotels).

Going tonight so will give a brief, non-critical report.


What did you think? I’m debating a visit in the next couple of weeks. (@WesSabi too)

There’s a lot to like. Great execution for an early preview. The food is very similar to NYC, and not sure if that’ll necessarily resonate with Angelenos. It’s also quite pricey, I’d expect to spend upwards of $120 a person for an average meal.


Menu looks great. Was about to ask how the prices were, but @matthewkang literally just answered that question!

Yeah, we ate the lobby menu and calculated that it cost about $120 pp including tip and 2 drinks.

Baked Alaska!

How was the food? QPR?

You can’t really expect too much in terms of QPR. It’s a swanky, fancy big DTLA restaurant opening at a high end boutique hotel. But in terms of impressing a date or crowd, I think NoMad does the job. It’s not really been a value kind of place, imo.

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