Non-spicy options at Chunju Han-il Kwan


So the young out-of-town nephew wants to get budae jjigae at Chunju Han-Il Kwan, and like a good aunt, I’m obliging him. However, some of the family members of his local friends will not eat anything that has even a bit of heat in it, so I’m trying to figure some suggestions for them. I saw several sauteed seafood options on the menu, and I’m wondering if those are prepared with red chili spices. I did see soup with rice cake or dumplings, which is usually not spicy, so that would be an option as well. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.

thanks in advance -


The scallion pancake is one of the most popular dishes here and it’s non-spicy

Chicken soup (might have a hint of ginseng and red dates)


Yes there is broiled fish (but not the typical salmon, tuna, basic white fish), most likely some type of mackerel


they do a lot of different korean comfort dishes well. i just hope you have enough people to finish the jigae which is a sizable portion. just how large a party do you intend to have? IIRC there are a few larger tables but most of the seating is booths for four.

I want to thank everyone for your suggestions. There just ended up being five of us, so it was fine. In terms of the size of jigae - between my nephew, his friend, and his dad, they didn’t have any trouble finishing it off. We also liked the oyster pancake - and the galbi tang worked out fine. And the panchan were very tasty as well.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions!



The janchi guksu and samgye-tang are quite good here.