Nopi - London

Any comments re: upstairs v. downstairs, and whether it is worth a stop altogether?

And so, we went last weekend. We had:

To drink: Melonix VDF, Jo Landron, Loire, France, 2014 - lovely. Unfiltered, unsulphured.

Burrata, blood orange, coriander seeds, lavender honey - delicious.

Courgette and manouri fritters, cardamom yoghurt - mmm mmm good

Pork belly, crushed butternut squash,apple and walnut salsa - very good.

Buttermilk cod (What is on the menu currently isn’t the prep we had). The fish was beautiful, but the dish was disjointed and didn’t work well for us, yet nothing was “wrong with it.”

Truffle polenta chips, parmesan, garlic aioli - tastylicious.

Char-grilled purple sprouting broccoli, tahini, miso - the best thing of the evening. We would and should have ordered more.

A few service notes.
Server was excellent. We sat downstairs at a communal table, and for the most part, every couple kept to itself, which was disappointing. It was a very non-social experience. Near the end of the meal, we engaged in some nice chat with the next couple (we were at an end w/2 corners). The chat was not to last long. At this point in the evening, we would have likely ordered another glass of wine or bajativo, but, as warned while making the reservation, you have 2 hours for your seats. The check came promptly (at least politely) without asking. Fair enough, as you know when you reserve, but if I return at some point, I’d ask to find when the last seating that doesn’t turn.

We were out the door for £115, which is, given the current exchange rate, similar or less to what we would have spent in SF.


Thanks for the report. Any other notable meals/food stops you had in London?

Not really. We kept it low key. We did enjoy the two Lebanese meals (one in a nicer restaurant, one in a cafe/deli place) on the side street next to the Park Tower Kensington, and the Fish and Chips we had at Harrods.

Sounds great.