NOREE THAI on Beverly (from Chef Pia and Chef Fern of Luv2Eat)

Y’all sleeping on the braised baby squid in squid ink!!

Went to say bye to Noree.

Legit fried rice, glass noodle, Larb and the obligatory curry crab


Are they closing?

@Nemroz is moving out of the area


@Nemroz are you staying in the greater LA area?

I think we will now have to call it the Lesser LA area.
Because he’s leaving.

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Sad :frowning:

I’m pretty sure @Nemroz is pulling an @Ns1 and moving to the outer reaches of universe or Moorpark one of the two


we fucked off to Moorpark… i spent the week being a forman to multiple remodeling projects and upgrades… and today i pulled weeds from our veg beds and i cleaned up about 1/3 of our neglected lemon tree 20 feet up… glorious times! hope you’re well


Good luck enjoy the backyard grilling and chilling!


Carrara Pastry on Los Angeles Ave. is solid.

Lure fish house (closer to Camarillo) was good pre-pandemic. Haven’t been there recently.

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The Lure I went to in Ventura was excellent. Definitely worth a try.


Wait a frogging minute. How did I not realize Pla and Fern are a couple?!?




We’ve enjoyed the westlake one twice now. Love the bar are. But going back to Ventura for Father’s Day. Outdoor area with reggae band playing is fantastic. Can’t leave dog at home so that works

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we ended up at noree thai earlier in the week after a morning museum outing. very much luv2eat, pt. 2. which means we very much enjoyed the meal.

mee thai phuket. very nice in its own right, very good as a relief dish after some late-arriving fire.

hat yai fried chicken. always excellent.

isaan sausage. these sausages were very good too (and much enjoyed by our boys)

squid with salty egg. they no longer have the baby squid in its own ink on the menu (the website menu they said has not been updated in 2 years). this did not come out as spicy as we’d asked but was very good, especially once kicked up with ground chillies.

keang kua phuket. but this did come out as spicy as asked and lit my mouth on fire. not at “thai spicy”; one step below at “spicy” and just short of my upper limit (thai spicy would be too painful, i think). our server recommended getting it with ground pork. we wondered if this actually makes it hotter as the chillies cling to far more of the meat in every bite.


This sentence is how I would describe the difference between Noree & Luv2eat, perfectly.

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Finally had a chance to try the kaeng kua Phuket from Noree Thai and it was so good! Hard to pick a favorite between that and the always delicious kua kling.