Normandie Bakery Culver City

Going to La Brea and Jefferson for a French bakery sounded interesting.

And when I saw people walking out with a dozen baguettes, I was in. I ordered the “Pate and Cornichon (like France)” sandwich.


I started thinking Oh, then I started thinking Em, then I went to Gee. This was a complete delight. It wasn’t about the filling, which was fine. It was about the bread.

I reflected back on the times I’ve ducked into Ralphs or Vons to pick up a quick sandwich from their cooler. It was probably nutritious, but completely unsatisfying. This was the total opposite, and I realized it’s about the bread. Of course I bought a baguette to bring home.


i think they have brunch, and I’m anxious to try their croissants. But in the mean time, I just made a chicken salad sandwich on the baguette and it’s glorious.