Northern Thai Food Club

two rave reviews in one day. I’m looking forward to the morning-after burn.

kaeng hang le - northern thai pork curry
delicous. a bit spicy, sweet and funky from shrimp paste. eat with sticky rice.

som tum - green papaya salad
good, but would have preferred it a bit funkier like at luv2eat.

sticky rice aka mouth pillows

sai ua - northern thai sausage
crumbly, porky, herby. highlight.

jackfruit salad

fried fish
looked dry, but pretty tasty

fried pork

chicken khao soi
holy khao, this was outstanding, highlight. make sure to ask for extra pickles and shallots to balance out the sweetness.

nam phrik num
this didn’t seem too hot when i was eating it, but it was only a matter of time before the green chilies did their thing. and once again, just like after howlin’ ray’s, my anus and i are no longer on good terms. i think i’ll stick with the nam prik ong next time.

Northern Thai Food Club
5301 Sunset Blvd #11
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Yeah I need to go here very soon

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No pad Thai. 1*.


i’ll be trying.

@PorkyBelly Northern Thai Food lunch excursion tomorrow at that chef’s table?

Picture courtesy of Yelp


That table’s booked.


Ha! Too late!

I’ll see what my amex concierge can do.

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My concierge couldn’t do squat. She was very apologetic about it, but explained that this restaurant is not in their system. Offered me a French Laundry seating, though…

Maybe it’s like asking a F-22 stealth fighter to intercept a 1903 Wright Brothers flyer…


Jokes are great and all but i bet i’ll get more joy out of eating here than at many of our top restaurants.


Fuck that sounds great - cannot wait to try it.
If any FTCers get there can you confirm the hours are indeed 9A-9P (as GSny reports)?
Billy Addy leaves that detail out.

Love this line “…Spicy BBQ a short drive away, which, along with Pailin Thai, might now be relegated to the second- and third-best Northern Thai restaurants in America).”


Those are our 2 spots where we’ve been going for a decade. So that’s a biiiiig statement… certainly the coziness is missing and the trays of premade food are a turnoff… must try

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I saw a ton of that in Chang Mai - surprised me but it was absolutely delish - so it doesn’t bother me if it’s good.

yea, it’s not a bad thing necessarily… certainly not for something like hanglay. dont know why it’s a turnoff to me

Maybe because that’s how all the crappy fast Chinese places operate? It does turn me off as well.

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I am very excited about this!

Nam Ngiao Kanom Jeen
Khao Soi
Jackfruit Salad
Larb Lanna
Gaeng Hang Lay
Lots of sticky rice!!!

Did you see they have tamarind pulp nam prik!!!
As well as nam prik ong and nam prik noom.

The tamarind nam prik is RARE.

I am going to spend so much at this little hole in wall.

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Also RARE is curry/gaengs other than Gaeng Hang Lay. You will not find other Northern Curries like she is serving on steam table.

This is a hidden gem!

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if y’all want to meet up at lunch and get a big ol’ order going, I’m down.


OOE meetup


let’s connect all 4 tables