November Weekend Run-down (2015)

my bad.

yep, seal beach.

when I read it again to check the address.

thanks man.

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Yeah, it really is. Damn good cocktail.


I loved it Japan - Didn’t know we can has it stateside - Thank you, thank you!!!

It was really unusual in a good way. We felt like it needed a cracker or something like that…but we made do with the pickled ginger and fresh-grated wasabi.

Sounds like Koi, Beechwood, and 320 Main are in store for a triple bang.

Mitla Café in San Bernardino - it’s rare for me to venture this far but I was in the area and man there are lots of Mexican restaurants that looked enticing to me. Mitla Café was packed. Looks like a lot of regs go there and the vibe was very comfy and buzzing with their convos…not too loud either. Their pozole hit the spot; I could’ve easily killed off a second bowl. There’s a birrieria across the street (Birrieria Guadalajara) that had a bunch of people waiting outside so I’d like to try it the next time I visit the IE.

Sushi Miguel’s Style in Colton - had sushi “Miguel’s Style” which means pickled onions and their house-made chili sauce on top. I liked it, but I would not order all their sushi that way…maybe one or two to mix it up a bit.

Apple pie - The Trails
Iced latte - La Monarca
Salmon poke - Ohana Poke Co
Earl Grey ice cream - Sweet Rose Creamery

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Pecan tres leches cake from Pasteleria Tres Leches. Really good and not overly sweet, but, I wish it were wetter. Maybe I’m odd but I like my tres leches cake practically drowning in its liquid. Anyone have any recs as to where I can get such a cake? TIA!

@kevin Beechwood is pretty amazing. The selection of beers is out of this world. The patio on a sunny day makes for interesting people watching as you sip and snack away.

My favorite recent Tres Leches came from the Vallarta Bakery. They sell i a DEEP tin that holds lots of liquid.



Thank you, @Dommy!! I was googling pictures of Vallarta’s tres leches and came upon this LA Weekly article:
[1]: Looks like I have quite a few places to check out. Thanks, again!

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I used to love Mitla as a kid. I haven’t been in years. Fun fact. Taco Bell might not exist today if not for Mitla Cafe.

The Porto’s version is fantastic. I don’t see the MILK version often…and I’ve been to their locations at all times of the day (i.e. monrings immediately after openings, afternoons, late night, etc.)

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Oh wow!! I had no idea. Talk about nice people…they didn’t make a fuss over the Taco Bell thing. I’m happy for their success.

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French toast at home Saturday am, made with fresh pan de leche from Super King. Yum. Saturday night, happy hour at Kumadori Sushi in Glendale. I had the shrimp roll, mixed tempura, cold sake. Husband had the spicy albacore roll, hot sake and instead of his normal salmon sushi, a california roll. A simple tasty meal. They did not have the curry clam chowder we’d had there the last time : (

Sunday night? A birthday party at New Moon in Montrose. Their pomegranate martini’s are good! Tart and tasty. Also tried the veggie potstickers - nice. And the husband got the bbq’d ribs and said they were excellent. He hasn’t found a close by location for this since Fortune Inn closed, so he was a happy boy.

EVERY TIME I have been to Birch (which is only 3 times, but I want to EMPHASIZE) they are out of the Fish Tikka. What time did you dine?

We were seated at 8:00 on Friday night.

but how about that fucking brown butter bourbon ???

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thanks - I have been excited to try that dish but have not been able to yet.

Kevin, I know you weren’t talking to me but that cocktail is absolutely fantastic.