NPR: Breaking down the science of picky eating

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Miss Manners once said, in response to a picky eater, “No one cares what you won’t eat.”


Perfect. I have a couple of friends, when at at parties where food is served announce what they won’t eat. I always think “Who gives a sh_ _.”

Tarragon makes me angry.

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Wait. What?

I find that statement so funny for some reason. Personal failing, yes, I know.

It’s true. I don’t know why. I like or tolerate almost anything… Food wise.

Older thread but I’m just working my way through some of the categories.

I remember some years ago on CH there was a poster who really could not tolerate food cooked by anyone other than him/herself. Not just a restaurant but even friends and IIRC family. I thought that was the ultimate picky eater…with some psychotherapy probably not a bad thing.

I have a friend who won’t eat meat with a bone still in it.

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I don’t suppose there’s any nice way to ask why not :slight_smile:

He says he doesn’t know why, and that he doesn’t mean to be difficult. But it just turns him off.

And that’s a completely acceptable answer.

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