[NPR] Get your old skool Happy Meal while you still can

Changes are coming…

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I don’t understand why its going to take 4 years for a more balanced Happy Meal. I get McD is a huge corporation that has to deal with sourcing, distribution, menu changes, etc… but 4 years.

I actually know people who work in the corporate offices at the golden arches. McD actually employs teams of nutritionists, with the aim of making the menu healthier for the public.

Part of the problem, actually, is their support base. They expect McD food to be the guilty pleasure, junky crap we all grew up with and loved. When the salad was rolled out, it did not sell. And ultimately, as a publicly traded company beholden to its shareholders, McD is forced to go back to McRib mode.

ABecause a multinational corporation of this size must first test the market, then take those results and test again, then probably a third time. They must also have in place producers and distributors that can provide the product required. They must formulate specs for food producers and franchisees worldwide, taking into consideration the requirements of diverse markets. Finally, after all that, marketing.

This announcement seems aimed at shareholders.

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They employ dietitians.


I definitely knew when they downsized their Oreo McFlurries to reduce calorie count. And I certainly voted with my dollars - by buying more vanilla cones.

When the salad was rolled out, it did not sell.

I find the ironing on this delicious given how unhealthy that salad actually is with the inclusion of dressing.

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McDonald’s used to be rare treats when I was growing up. It’s a little bit sad to know that my nieces, nephews…and (one day far, far away) grandchildren will not experience the same happy meal I had when I was their age. This is probably just the nostalgia speaking.

LOL. To my knowledge, two of my grandkids have never had any fast food. Well, to their parents knowledge. Once they do score it they’ll likely have to lie to their parents :slight_smile:

Yes, most people I know have never taken their children to McDonald’s. There is is, however, a demographic divide in McDonald’s customer base in the U.S.; thus, providing more nutritious options hopefully helps the next generation to raise children that are accustomed to those food options.

After all, the pining for salty, sugary, greasy food in an older generation that grew up eating McDonald’s is simply food memories.


I think you comment about the “demographic divide” is huge. Thanks.

While I don’t eat at McDonald’s anymore, I’m game to treat my kids to it every now and then. They’ve long graduated from Happy Meals, and now ask for Big Macs to accompany their chicken nuggets. Small indulgences are always fun treats.

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Yup. Mcdonald’s was always a treat in our house – a reward for a good report card usually. It wasn’t like today where many parents just get it as a meal during the week.

We don’t do much fast food in our house, but I think I eat more McDonald’s than my kids do. I stop to get a breakfast meal on my way to work from time to time.

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