NYC Advice

Heading to NYC for three nights with my ten year old this weekend, staying in Battery Park City. Going to do Le Coucou one night and likely hit Dizengoff with Seed + Mill’s goats milk soft serve with halva for dessert another. I have a reso at Osteria Morini for the first night but I can’t seem to get excited about it and thinking about Pasquale Jones instead since I’m a huge clam pie fan and seems more fun. Has anyone had their pies? I can’t tell from the pics if they are softer Neapolitan style or have a crispier crust?

Yes, if you want a clam pie, you can’t go wrong with Pasquale Jones. In fact, most of their pies are pretty good. I’m partial to the Margherita, as I’m not a cream person.

Crust reminds me of a pseudo Roman-style pie.

I like sitting at the bar.


Thanks! My daughter is partial to Margherita pies so maybe I can convince her to give me a taste.