NYC food lover & fam coming to visit LA

Take Sunset down to Pacific Palisades. Watch the surfers as the winter sun plays over the Pacific Ocean.

UCLA to Pacific Palisades

Then, maybe stop at Tallula’s cantina for dinner.

(P.S. My friend’s son is a freshman in the music program at UCLA. It’s pretty terrific, and he’s having the time of his life. :slight_smile: )

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Yeah, I’m definitely more the taco truck type than my gf and her daughter, tho if there are good tacos vegetarianos or hongos that makes it an easier sell.

Wow, what an embarrassment of riches! Thanks to all of you for the recs, and please keep 'em coming!

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Bizarra Capital (Whittier)

  • pulpo in mojo verde
  • chimichangas


  • prime rib butcher, extra horseradish
  • falafel sandwich
  • smoked salmon belly loaded bialy
  • smoked fish plate
  • romesco antipasto
  • pastrami rueben
  • carrot cake

Back Home in Lahaina

  • haupia cheesecake
  • loco moco sub portuguese sausage patty
  • bacon fried rice

That’s a spinoff of Broken Spanish, which is much better. The taqueria’s good for a quick lunch if you’re in the neighborhood and it’s very vegetarian-friendly.

Another very veg-friendly place downtown:

Night Market + Song might be the most vegetarian-friendly of the best Thai places.

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Near UCLA, Qin West. The liang pi is one of the best vegetarian dishes I’ve ever had.

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You have not lived until you’ve tried the pad thai at Jitlada. Do yourself a favor and have a reasonable noodle at an amazing price.


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Chefs rarely know the food scene in a particular city. Some do, but it’s rare.

And, really, why listen to a chef. They’re job is to cook, not eat. That’s what diners do.

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Then why do they all serve the same “gastropub/hunksofmeat//roastedbrusselsprouts” menu in every damm city? So boring.

Some chefs have been among the more knowledge people I’ve met about street food and international holes-in-the-wall. Upscale places that are open only when they’re working, not so much.

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Because they want to make money?

It’s what sell to hoi polloi.

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I guess you don’t know many people.

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Holbox is unique even to LA. This place would be a must-go assuming NYC has no equal as well.


Not if you include all of NYC (i.e. the 5 Boroughs and not just Manhattan).

And even in Manhattan, the EV has seen a recent resurgence in Vietnamese cuisine, beginning with Madame Vo and Hanoi House. Don’t the hipster vibe fool you (it is the EV, after all), cuz the food is very very down home.


Empellon, Pulperia and Pampano. Just to name a few akin to Holbox.

Gjusta is actually one of the few Venice eateries that offers any parking - free to boot.

Gjusta actually has plenty of setting in back now. If seating is full up, it’s because they are packed.

Not sure about customer-hostile, but it becomes quite apparent to most that there’s a number system. And when it’s slow, the numbers aren’t even used. Walk up, ask questions, order, pay.

As for how good the food is, shrug. All I know it’s a great option for LA.


Akin, equal or better?


I was at Gjusta on Wednesday night at 7PM. Pulled right into the parking lot with at least half the lot open. Didn’t even need a number and the seating in back was maybe 25% full. I know it can get crazy there, and I usually get my orders to go, but eating there is a realistic option.

I usually order to go because Gjusta still has no alcohol and I associate most if their food with at least a beer or wine. Ordering foie gras that night, I’m not going to sit there sipping water! :grin: