NYC Trip proper restaurant attire

It’s going to be hot next week. We have plans to go to or have reservations at Pearl Oyster Bar, Kawi, Otto (July 4th lots of places closed), Lugers for lunch and Lilia. Do you think we would be inappropriately dressed at these places in nice shorts, sneakers and a polo? Do we need to pack jeans or long pants?

I’m hoping we are ok and not out of place. Most are fairly casual so thought we would be ok but would love feedback. TIA.

I’ve been to all of those except Otto and I would say they are all casual. You should be fine in the attire you mentioned. It’s hot as balls out here!

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Yeah super humid in NYC at the moment, I’m taking 3-4 showers a day. NYC gravitating towards SoCal casual and its peak tourist season, so pretty much what you’d wear in LA works here.

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Can’t wait for that lovely humidity.

We just got back, other than the oxtail and brisket stew dish, which was great, would skip Kawi.

I think it’s super that you asked!

Hmmm ok. I wasn’t really keen on Kawi but my wife wants to try it. She got suckered in by Dave Chang podcast. We may skip as we would be going for lunch. The item I most wanted to try was the rice cake. Seems very expensive for lunch.

I’ve only been for lunch bit I think the dinner options seem a lot better (with the exception of the spicy ricecake). I really liked the spicy roasted rice cake - wagyu ragu was also ok but i prefer the spicy roasted over it. Appetizer ribs were really great, def recommend those. I got the fancy kawibap with uni and roe but it was just ok. Uni was great quality but ultimately as a dish I don’t think it’s that great, the other kimbaps looked better.

The soybean stew and striploin lunch sets were good, but nothing particularly amazing esp if you’re used to korean food.

@js76wisco, we went for dinner on a Wednesday night so maybe lunch would be a better experience. We found the service to be uneven and distracted at that price point and the food, except the stew I already mentioned, to be fine but nothing memorable. To sum up, we (and most of the surrounding tables) had bingsoo to finish our meal, which was fine but basically shave ice for a whopping $20 bucks. As a contrast, we loved momofuku ssam bar.

Thanks @jntcho and @RedDevil. We love Majordomo and used to love Ssam Bar but it’s been close to a decade since I last went. We will probably end up passing on Kawi since we only have so many meals in NYC and so many other great places on the list.

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You should be fine.


You could have just donned you undies today :grin:

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hot and humid but not as bad as I expected. First day eats not pictured
Shake shack inside grand central - not up to par with other locations
Joes pizza still excellent, thin, love their red sauce and great sauce to cheese ratio
Scarrs pizza good but not as good as Joes. A bit thicker more cheese but pepperoni is the real deal salty thick grease catching cups.
Morgenstern ice cream. Loved the salted caramel and butter pecan. Not too sweet, pure flavors and good creamy texture.
Sockerbit. Some of the best candy we’ve ever had. No high fructose corn syrup.

Pearl Oyster Bar
Salt crusted shrimp. Crunchy. Ate the whole thing.

Crab cake mostly crab. Great cole slaw.

Steamers and clam chowder. Clam chowder excellent. Not too much dairy. Why don’t they have steamers in LA?


Clams and mussels are sooooo cheap here.

Peter Lugers

Great burger
tomato onion
creamed spinach
German potatoes

Fancy Brooklyn market with all the essentials
Salmon apricots pilsner seltzer fusili


I know. $32 for a huge bucket of steamers. We would eat these all summer.

Highly recommend pounding the clams on the 1/2 shell. $1 a piece in most places.


I’m down. We paid about $1 per steamer. I love clams on the half shell.

Lilia lived up to the hype. Great pasta. 40-50 person line right at opening. Luckily we had reservations.

Brocolini with parmigiano, lemon and chili oil. I ate a bunch before the picture. Delicious.

Beautifully cooked scallops with a anchovy, walnut and yogurt sauce.

One of the best pastas I’ve had. Tortelli with prosciutto, ramps, parmesan and mint. Perfect al dente tortelli. The fresh mint played well with the ramps and parm. Could eat 20 of these.

Spaghetti with lemon, toasted pine nuts and parmesan. Well balanced. I’ve had this pasta at other places where the lemon overpowered the dish. Sauce was great when combined and great toasted nutty flavor.

Spicy rigatoni. Great classic red sauce better than I could ever make. Kids loved this one. Not too spicy.

Soft serve gelato with sprinkles. A better version of McD ice cream. Much better.


Amity Hall in West village. Great place to watch soccer, grab some good pints (OH and Grimm on tap) and very good bar food.

Excellent pretzel with righteous spicy Bavarian mustard. Legit stuff. The wings were well fried with a nice crisp on the outside but not greasy. Would be a regular here if I lived in the area.