O' by Claude Le Tohic

claude le-tohic is the former ec at joel robuchon and opened a new multi-story complex near union square. The six story building contains a patisserie, a bistro, a bar, lounge, and on the top floors a fine dining restaurant, O. The place reminds me of a french china live.

The menu at O is french-japanese and not surprisingly similar to joel robuchon.

caviar composition
seafood broth
sea bass
pineapple dessert

amuse-bouche 1 - tartlette, carrot mousse infused with jasmine tea

ooe bread
How I count my carbs @TheCookie, @Chowseeker1999

amuse-bouche 2 - pomegranate gazpacho, marmalade of charcoal roasted beets, herb salad

caviar composition

carpaccio of “konbujime” madai, finger lime, seaweed

shawamuchi and uni sabayon, toast melba

lobster gelee, geranium, corn veloute

seafood broth - scallop, geoduck, shrimp ravioli, scampi tarama, mimolette

roasted lobster - chambertin sauce, juniper, bone marrow, red cabbage, pepper berry bearnaise

caramelized black cod - lemongrass oil, cauliflower, seaweed butter

roasted veal chop - sweetbread and porcini, squash, creamy semolina, natural jus

ooe cheese

exotic pineapple - silky coconut milk, rum emulsion, frozen pineapple, passion fruit

kumquat & chocolate - confit and spicy prune, banyuls, kumquat ice cream

ooe mignardises



Second dinner after that mignardise spread?

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That bread tray is a work of art


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Impressive! You got 21 pieces of bread! Did you go for round 2 after that? :wink: :smile:

Great report as usual. :slight_smile: Sounds like a nice place. Do you feel it’s worth a visit on a visit to SF?



you beat me to it. gonna go into detail about some of the courses? :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :sparkling_heart: :star2:

Stop it! :drooling_face: :sweat_drops:

I’ve heard really good things about the bistro downstairs.

I think it’s worth a visit for a special occasion. I would say it’s a high one star on its way to two.

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