Oaxacan food South Of Santa Ana?

I’ve been reading about Tlayudas and, it took me a while to figure out how they’re different from tostadas, I’m now craving them. I see a Oaxacan place in Santa Ana that seems to be really good but it’d be a lot easier if there were someplace from Irvine South that does them too. Any suggestions?

Panaderia Oaxacaqueña

I know nothing about Tlayudas but remember a post on Eater article from last year about a new vendor at Smorgasburg.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll refocus my request to places BETWEEN Santa Ana and San Clemente. Probably too much to ask for, but one can hope.

Reading some old stuff and came across this.

Wait what? How can you live here and not have tlayudas regularly? Come on guys. :slight_smile: