OC Peeps: The Halal Guys Are Opening in Costa Mesa in 2 Weeks

Per eater LA:

Sounds pretty fucking dope.

What is it like falafels in fucking laffa ???

Yep. In the same plaza as Captial Noodle Bar (not open yet), Anjin (excellent yakiniku), and Ikkousha (ramen chain from Japan, pretty good but I prefer Kitakata down the street for their in house made ramen and clear tonkotsu broth, also a chain from Japan).

I think I overdosed on this place on my last visit to Manhattan.

The chicken and rice plate, in all honesty, is best enjoyed either after a night of $20 whiskey shots, or after an all-nighter at work yelling and screaming at your computer asking why it freezes up 1 nanosecond before you hit “save”.

How do you like Ikkousha and Kitakata compared to Zetton? IIRC, you were a great advocator of Ramen Zetton and their springy noodles.


I like Ikkousha for their fried chicken. Half price during happy hour.

Kitakata has the best chasu (like silk) and toppings. The egg is consistently soft boiled.

I like the chicken broth with bonito and chewy noodles at Zetton the most. Their dan dan noodles are also top notch.

Just depends what I’m in the mood for.

The wait at Kitakata is the longest by far.

I’ll have to make it a point to go to Ikkousha during happy hour one of these days as I haven’t had their karaage. Agreed on Kitakata’s chasu, it’s fantastic. Their popularity most likely comes from the fact that they’re the only ones making ramen in-house in the general area, as far as I know.

Have you tried the ramen at Kimukatsu on Sawtelle yet? @J_L_ first reported it a while back, really great stuff. Slightly thick chewy noodles, super rich broth, tender slices of chasu, ajitama, spinach, and nori.

pre-opening thursday lunch in Costa Mesa. who’s down?

i don’t even like this stuff, but i just want to get it out of the way. cuz you know, “foodie cred”. :imp:

Looking forward to your thoughts Tony.

Yelp says they’re closed until September 27th? Let me know if this is true. Will head out for dinner tonight if its open.

is it just fucking chicken or more or much more than that ???


and some sort of creamy, addictive, mayo garlic sauce ???

they’ve been “soft opened” since this weekend. i’m not going to make it out to lunch either way today, but I am relatively certain they’re going to be open tonight.

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It is good. Not sure if it is “drive across town” good though. If I remember correctly when I had it in NY, I bombed the chicken rice plate with the white and then got some of the red on the side. I assume NY transplants will make the trek over.

I may try it this weekend, I’ll do a drive by and see what is going on.

Just stopped by. Soft open is for friends/industry only.

Next week is the real open.

Halal guys OC looks East Asian run. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

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Thanks for the ninja quick update, saves me a trip and time.

Now where to eat on Sat?

I am really diggin those sandwiches at the cheese shop at OC Mix.

Vietnamese: https://instagram.com/tpham/

only in America.

Guess I’m not eating there today. I’ll wait a month when the crowd dies down

Tried to stop by today for lunch. The line went all the way to the street and wrapped around to the gas station. Looked like 1-2hr wait.

Better luck next 1-2 months it seems.

The line was apparently 2 hours around 1PM today. However, I’ve just learned that they’ve since closed off the line and the wait is now 4+ hours. Might be a while before the excitement dies down.

someone explain the hype to me about this place? even people I knew who aren’t really into food knew about this and were excited for it.

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