OC Weekly Best of in 2018

The did a good job on the Beer section…

I live right near Angelo and Vinci and have never been. It seems unlikely that it is the best Italian on OC but is it actually any good?

We absolutely loved our Omakase meal at Ohshima and I wouldn’t argue w/ Cortinas in the deli section or Burritos La Palma for Burritos.

The other Asian choices seem off to my uneducated brain - Brodard’s best Vietnamese, SUP noodle house best Pho, New Moon (alleged inventor of Chinese Chicken Salad) the best Chinese? Am I discounting Brodard because it is the most well-known and safest choice? Star of Siam for Thai better than Nakorn? An AYCE as best KBBQ?

The place that was next on my list that is here is Graze. I follow them on social media and the burgers look great.

I think Brodard is very average, definitely not the best. And that’s Brodard and Brodard Chateau. And with all the choices in the OC, and they go with New Moon for Best Chinese? Oy…

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Angelo & Vinci is foul. I went there for a wedding once and it was terrible…whoever picked that was either high on terrible stuff or has terrible taste.


Or both?

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I think i trust yall more than the link that i’m not clicking.

What’s the best fancy pants dinner restaurant in OC for you? (not taco m, not marche, not playground)

There are always a few curious choices on any list but this is leaps better than the OC Register list from the past few years.

For KBBQ I would have gone with either 8 or Kang Ho Dong.

Has anybody been to Hironori for ramne? I heard its good but there are a lot of good choices in the OC with Santouka, Kitakata, Yamadaya, Ikkousha and others.

I think you probably just named the best ones. Mastro’s Ocean Club has a nice view. Steaks are ok and I’m sure you’ve been to Mastro’s. The Ranch is better for steaks but not sure I’d categorize this as fancy. I haven’t been to either place but maybe Bourbon Steak or Napa Rose chef’s table.

SUP might be the best instagrammable pho, but I’m pretty sure Pho 79 is still the reigning champion for OC pho…

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While The Ranch isn’t formal, I really enjoy the food there. Haven’t been there in a while, but I was super impressed by their pastry chef on his bread program alone. We came in one night, and they dropped off a pan of 7 different breads…baked fresh all in the same pan. I remember enjoying their cornbread-inspired roll, Parkerhouse roll, and olive-rosemary roll the most…but really all 7 were solid. Our dinners in the past have been pretty good there.

Didn’t click the link but just the places you listed make it seem like a pretty bad list.

It’s technically Lao, but I’d go to Vientiane over SOS or Nakorn 100% of the time. If you want to go strictly Thai, E San Rod Sap is still better (assuming it still exists.)

OK I took a look at the list, curiosity got me.

I’m baffled by how there’s a “best of” for so many niche categories, and OC has an entire Middle Eastern dominated area (Anaheim) but that didn’t get a category.

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E Son Rod Sap does exist and we go there regularly and love it. Spaced on it for some reason.

It’s obvious that Gustavo is gone. Long Beach is not OC for starters (the first 2 places on the list), and A&V’s is just horrid. Be thankful @attran99 it was only one wedding. My ex in-laws loved that place. I’d rather eat a Stouffer’s lasagna.

In Laguna, I love Selanne’s Steak Tavern.

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:scream: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I don’t know how you survived, @BubblyOne.

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As an OC resident and someone who basically traveled all over it from ages 16-present… This list is… not great.

I could go on an all-time rant… but instead…

Let’s break it down:

SUP noodle house for best pho - lolol come on, now. – also, add Pho Quang Trung to that list cuz i like donuts.

New Moon for best Chinese - … oh my f—ing word, you guys.

My pick: There’s a Sichuan Impression here. There’s a Newport Seafood Here. There’s J Zhou. There’s Peking in Garden Grove.

Best vietnamese restaurant: Brodard is fine, I guess… but I mean…

My pick: Since pho was its own category, why not Song Long?

As for Thai food: Honestly, never liked Nakorn that much. Their fried noodles are alright, I guess… But if you’re looking for that good good

My pick: Royal King Elephant

Also: Korean BBQ – hilarious. Mo Ran Gak, KHDBJ, lolol Star BBQ did you just search for Korean BBQ on yelp oc and throw a dice to see which number to choose?


Thanks @euno. BTW, what’s your favorite Sundubu places in LA/OC? :slight_smile:

Lists are always fraught with omissions and bad choices the best of OC lists from OC Weekly and The OC Register are in their own class of awful. Truly terrible.

After living in NYC and West LA for the better part of 15 years before moving to North OC I can enthusiastically say that the food scene is much better today than it was when I first moved to the OC 8 years ago. Thankful to have discovered, found, been recommended to many great places like Cream Pan, Fuoco, Zait N Zataar, Cortinas, Young Dong, Portola Coffee, Kitikata, Playground 2.0, Earthen, Olive Pit, J Zhou, Sidecar, 8 KBBQ and so many more.


If you like Zait n Zataar try Forn al Hara in Anaheim their zataar bread and their kunefe are off the charts.



Cho Dang - https://www.yelp.com/biz/cho-dang-tofu-house-cerritos
The Korean OG’s choice in Artesia

Kaju - https://www.yelp.com/biz/kaju-soft-tofu-restaurant-garden-grove-6?osq=soft+tofu
Everyone loves this place, the service can be absolute garbage sometimes (they bus tables really fast and it’s just not a pretty thing to look at).

Also I don’t hate BCD (that fried yellow corvina on the house!), there are cleaner-tasting broths/better accompaniments at the above two, though.