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The editorial staff did a decent job on the beer side other than the cop out of best beer selection being 10 breweries. Readers chose international conglomerate owned Ballast Pt and Golden Road for 2 of the best local breweries. Editorial staff loves Leadbelly BBQ (surprisingly decent meal recently) vs. Heritage by the readers.

Some real head scratchers on both sides of the aisle for sure. Din Tai Fung best dim sum?

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A couple of head scratchers but not bad overall. Much better than OC Register list.

The surprises from the editors
New Moon best Chinese
Sushi Noguchi best sushi
Wingstop best wings

The best North OC Brewery is either Green Cheek or Bottle Logic.
The best steak is the Ranch.

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Capital Seafood has the best dim sum? Ha

Where do you recommend on the OC? Tim Ho Wan (Vegas’s location is better than Irvine’s) and Seafood Cove 2 are good but not great.

JZhou is the best dim sum in OC


I was just and BCD Tofu next to Tim Ho Wan and that place is pretty much lost all hype after people actually ate there. The hordes are all back at J Zhou.


Reader polls have always been more about name recognition and popularity than quality. In recent years they’ve gotten even worse since they’re so easily gamed by social media.

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