Ocean View for Memorial Day Lunch?

Looking to seat six. Food should be at least “decent” for the price, with the understanding that the view comes at a premium. No dietary/cuisine restrictions.

Coming from West Hollywood, so Westside would be ideal, but if there’s something sufficiently good in the South Bay I’ll try to pitch it.




Realistically speaking, price per person without alcohol, before tip/tax?

Maybe The Lobster, assuming it’s open.

~80 - 100pp

Had a lovely healthy meal at Malibu farms the other night on the malibu pier. Not too expensive. Great views.


Penthouse at the Huntley.

This may be far, but I’m a fan of the views from Terranea. Nelson’s is casual while Mar’sel will be fine dining.


Mastro’s Ocean Club also in the mix…

To say that I was not impressed by my visit to Mastro’s Beverly Hills location would be an understatement. Is the Ocean Club better food-wise?

In case Nobu has no open tables.

If it is, I could not detect any difference on my only visit, food-wise.

Catch at Casa del Mar. The Lobster if you can get in (parking will be a nightmare). In Malibu, try Malibu Farm.

The grey weather is in full effect right now - It’s quite cool.