Oceanside Restaurants

Spending a summer weekend in Oceanside soon.

Any FTC-worth restaurants or should we just cook at the beach house and enjoy the view?


Not too close, but not too far either (especially if you’re taking the 5-Fwy southbound to reach Oceanside)…

Try the poke at Kawamata Seafood in Capistrano Beach


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333 has the best view in Oceanside, but it’s a Cohn restaurant. As most restaurants with a view, food can be mediocre and quite pricey. I would go for one their vodka-inspired cocktails and the lobster roll, enjoy the view at sunset, and call it a night.

A bit more inland is Panca, which makes great ceviche and a loma saltado.

Wrench and Rodent is also good, but you just have to accept that it’s not traditional sushi, nor is it even fusion sushi. It’s like sushi on a bad acid trip.

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It’s maybe 15 minutes East (on 78) but Phil’s BBQ has a location in Vista. We stop there after visiting Stone Brewing. Pretty good Q. Really good beer at Stone.

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Thanks, J.L.!

Thanks, Ipse!

Regarding Wrench & Rodent, I doubt my family will go for sushi at a place with such a name. I’d seen that before. Any background on the name?

Great tips on Panca & 333.

Thanks for the tip on the Stone Company Store in Oceanside.

I would have completely missed that or would have been bummed we’d left our growlers at home!

Don’t totally rule out Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub

It’s really quite good

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I think it’s just a play on words. As @DiningDiva said, don’t let the name turn you off. The place has progressively improved since they first opened. I think they have more focus now, and the ingredients have always been top-notch.

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Around San Diego, Waite is known as a “chef’s chef.” Within the industry, he’s widely respected for his sushi-making skill, commitment to quality local products, sustainable seafood and zero waste. And because he’s known as a culinary artist, friends say he’s the only guy in town who can get away with running a successful restaurant named after a rat.

Waite, 37, said the kooky name was inspired by his bi-national upbringing in England, where rural pubs often have bizarre and amusing names. He said spending so much of his youth in his parents’ native country shaped his food philosophy.


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That Boy Good had something we really liked amongst an otherwise good meal.

Have heard great things about Bagby Brewing as well

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Flying Pig Pub
Beach Break Cafe
Harbor Fish n’ Chips
Wrench or Harney

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Okay, okay already. We’re going at 8pm! Respectable and creative wine list.

We went to a couple of breweries in Carlsbad this afternoon (Culver Brewing was EXCEPTIONAL) and then on to The Wrench and The Rodent for dinner. The name isn’t on the building front (Ummmm, probably a good idea) it just says “Seabasstropub”, which may be a better idea, but still raises questions. The eclectic nature of the place continues as, for what’s essentially a sushi place, it had not a single Asian face anywhere to be seen.

But… the food was REALLY good. We started with a Ceviche ‘flight’ of 3 small rsmmekins of different fish accompanied by multi-colored pork rinds (I think). Then came a plate of seared albacore sashimi and local yellowtail sashimi along with a Hedgehog roll. A couple of yellowtail Nigiri finished the meal (that’s the usual dessert for us at sushi places).

Happy to say this place is only about 40 minutes from our home in South OC, except on weekends when drive times basically double. We do North County breweries frequently so I’m sure we’ll be back.

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