October 2021 Rundown

Superfine is still tasty but they are only making 12’ pies. It’s not NY style. As @Gr8pimpin said the cornichone is quite large. The upside is the bread itself is delicious. I would have liked the pizza to be a bit crispier but that’s hard to accomplish when you eat the pizza in your car parked on the street on the way to…

Holbox where everything was great. We ordered blood clams but they ran out and graciously substituted the uni hamachi tostada and gave us 3 extra fat bastard oysters. Well shucked and beautifully briny. Small to medium sized is our preference. Dad had 2 mom had 2 our ten year old scarfed down 5.

Hamachi uni tostada is a symphony of flavors. Uni was fresh tasting. Great citrusy flavors balanced with heat. Must eat everything together on the tostada

I can’t recall having a better fish taco maybe outside of Taco Maria.

I can’t recall having a better aguachile maybe outside of Taco Maria

The kids destroyed the octopus. Wife and I each got a very small piece. The tomatoes on the side are delicious. Rice and beans were fluffy. My son loved the charred lemon and was eating it plain.

Drive by tire shop but couldn’t find parking and the line was pretty long so we had to abandon.


I adore your oyster and octopus-loving kiddos!

What did they think of the pizza and the rest of the Holbox meal?


Kids loved the pizza. Said it was better than Little Coyote a few weeks ago.

We all loved Holbox. Think it’s a place we should frequent more often. The only downside which was discusses on the Holbox specific thread is the no alcohol/beer. We have to prepare bettter next time. Each time we’ve been the shellfish is always fresh and bivalves well shucked. We have to get the seafood stew next time.


Paid for bread at Hattie B’s. My mistake.


Paying for bread is an amateur move!


We don’t get out too often nowadays mostly eating salads at chicken Maison. But was in Vancouver this weekend and went to st Lawrence and vijs. Definitely must try’s in my book


Glendale Blvd Bang^2

Ricky’s Fish Tacos followed by Burgers Never Say Die

For all the downhill alerts RFT is still the best fish taco at it’s price point. Definitely not near where they were when they were in peak form, but that probably is just a testament to how far above their competition they used to be. Sergio not in house

BNSD - my favorite smash burger before discovering Love Hour. Now that I’ve had both, I do think LH makes the superior burger…BNSD has a cool takeout window now.


I remember seeing somewhere that Ricky was putting the truck and brand up for sale. Maybe things have already been transitioned over?

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he’s been on/off the truck for years so I was not surprised

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Thanks for the tip! Never have heard of Love Hour. Their Yelp photos show onion rings. Ever have them?

Have you ever had Goldburger? I need to try them, too.

Fish taco there is sublime.

negative, only had them at Smorgasborg (SP?) and IIRC did not see anything but burgers there.

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Got free bread with butter from Brittany. Learned from my rookie mistake.


This is what bread is all about!


Is this like Brittany France or are you at a restaurant with the name?

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The butter is from Brittany France.


I’m gonna dream of bread carts because of you. Hope the dinner was even more spectacular than the bread!

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Take a picture of the kouign amann!

No kouign amann but there’s mini croissant


Funny! :joy: