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Waste of hard to get mushrooms

Do they at least give you some ranch to dip them in?

Yes… i dont know… this all bothers me lol… i come from a mushroom people, we used to pick them in the forests of Ukraine etc… and sauteing them in butter with a bit of onion is how you get them to taste more mushroomy, not by dry deep frying them to toast.

I hear you. I have family in Central Europe that would roll their eyes at the crazy americký.

look for our pal here:



Had a great meal with a couple of friends last night. The smoked lamb lettuce cups and smoked short ribs were some of the best barbecue I’ve had. There were only two orders of ribs left at 8:00 so i guess that’s an argument to go early,.

Cheese puffs with that fantastic romesco sauce, squid stuffed with chorizo, cauliflower with millet, pappardelle with pork belly bolognese, and rotisserie pork with cherry mostarda were all great. The fried mushrooms with garlic dip and charred broccolini were good but paled a bit in comparison with the other dishes. Caramel cake and chocolate rye pie were great and original.

Solid service, good wines.







They also have a nice happy hour. Same sized portions as on the normal menu.


Looks like it’s literally a Happy HOUR

The food is good. The portions are on the small side. The fried rice and brussel sprouts is really good. The drinks are well-made but not cheap. They do add 18% service.

oh damn, a certain mainstream food blog reports that O+P will close next month; the Hatfields sold [the space?]